As you go through life, things about you change such as your hair colour, the opacity of your skin and which colours you feel confident wearing. Whilst your season stays the same, revisiting us to have your colours re-rated, gives you a fresh look at your colours and what works on you. This session helps you keep your look fresh and on trend. Leave with refreshed, renewed energy and inspiration to see your season's colours in your wardrobe.

Business Rating - you can also attend this class and look at your colours and how to wear them for business.  Some colours will give you the authority, impact and presence you need to make the right impression in the business environment whilst others may be best reserved for social situations.  Your stylist will also help you hit the right level of formality for the type of work and culture in which you operate.  Contact your stylist for more information on this unique service.

  • Location: 1 River Park, Billet Lane Berkhmasted HP4 1HL
  • Date/Time: 14 Feb 2022(Mon), 10am
  • Duration: 1 hour apprx
  • Gender: Female
  • CLASS COST £75.00
  • PLACES 0 (0 available)

A great chance to rediscover your colour palette, and maybe some forgotten ones too.

We recommend this approx every  3- 5 years after your initial Colour Analysis.

Make up choices (if appropriate) will be recommended too, which are available to buy on the day.

On this day, we will also be reviewing Style and your Wardrobe. Contact me for more dates.


This class has been and gone I'm afraid, why not go to the website for more!