Wearing the right colour matters for youngsters too, you probably remember having your favourite colours and clothes as a child! You want to buy the right clothes so your kids look good or select the right hand-me-downs to keep. Your investment pays dividends as they get older and take control of what they buy and wear: kids and teens alike gain self-esteem from a lifetime's understanding of their best colours.

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  • Location: The Studio, Barns of Claverhouse
  • Date/Time: 25 Oct 2019(Fri), 2pm
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Gender: Unisex
  • CLASS COST £60.00
  • PLACES 3 (3 available)

Start colour confidence early!

Particularly for younger children, in kids colour classes, we do a basic analysis, discovering whether they are yellow based or blue based then identifying which Season they are. We don’t go into make up or ratings, keeping their attention span and also the class cost down to £60. This doesn’t, however, include the wallet of swatches which costs £55 and which you can buy on the day or pay for in advance if you want it included. For teens, sometimes they are ready for the full analysis class so can opt to do the adults class instead.

I run these classes throughout the holidays so please get in touch is an alternative date would suit you better.



This class has been and gone I'm afraid, why not go to the website for more!