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December 2015 News

New Year resolutions

I’ve never been much of a one for making New Year’s resolutions. 

The thought of getting determined about losing the excess Christmas pounds when we have 2 family birthdays in January that demand celebrating in style, (if only to combat the dark, short days and grey British winter weather) has never appealed that much. But the opportunity to reflect on the last year, take stock, turn over a new page and plan what I want to change in the coming months is always a special part of the turning of the year for me.
It’s the time of year I give myself the opportunity to stop.  To reflect on what has been good in the past year and what hasn’t worked so well.  Where do I want to make the changes in my life?  I can’t stop what others will do or what life will throw at me in the coming year but I can take responsibility for my own attitude, actions and behaviours.  I look at what can really add value to every day.

Of course I would say this, but making positive choices about how I show up in the world every day is something I do for myself that really makes a difference.  We are hard wired to respond positively to others who look healthy and alive.  I imagine that response is based in the need to get our genes out there in the pool. We are drawn to ‘healthy specimens’ as good potential partners.   But looking good has an impact every day.  You know the days when everyone asks if you’re ok, commenting that you look a bit tired?  By the end of the day you feel exhausted!  Then think about the energy you get from people commenting that you look great, smiling at you and making eye contact.  No need for lying down in a darkened room at the end of those days!

Understanding the powerful effect of dressing in colours that make you look vibrant and clothes that honour your personality as well as your body shape means everyone you meet sees the real you. You show up as authentic. Communication flows.

We all know it shouldn’t matter what’s on the outside but the testimonies of thousands of men and women are that the reactions we get from others vary massively depending on the choices we make when we get dressed every day.  When I reflect on the year I first decided to inform those choices by experiencing the House of Colour programme for myself, I had no idea what a positive effect it would have on all aspects of my life.  I have never looked back. My potential and confidence continues to be unlocked. Making the decision to train with House of Colour as a Personal Stylist, was far more than a lifestyle choice, it was one of the most life affirming things I could have done.

And because I feel good about myself I will respect my post-Christmas body and make sure the pounds come off once January is done!

Helen Venables