How to make the most of your winter coat

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October 2017 News


Buying clothes takes money, time and thought. If you’re like us, you don’t want to waste any of that effort or cash. That’s why we often mention ‘cost per wear’. If there’s one item of clothing that proves the value of cost per wear, it’s your winter coat.

Yes, compared to other items in your wardrobe, a winter coat is pricey. But it’s worth saving up for because as the weather gets nasty, you’ll wear it every day. And every day your coat will make sure that you, and your other clothes, reach your destination in good condition – come rain or snow.

There’s more. The right coat will also make you feel and look fabulous, every  time you walk out of the front door. So you’re not only dry and warm, you’re also turning heads. That’s what we call a good return on your investment – and the cost per wear comes tumbling down.

Of course, you have to be certain you’ve found the right coat. And once you’ve got it home, you’ll want to make the most of it.

Here are some great ideas to make sure you do.            

Hassle free coat hunting

Shopping for a coat can take hours.  You want to be happy about its shape, style and colour. And it’s got to be comfortable, whether you’re herding children to school, climbing stairs or going for a long walk. That means putting the coat through its paces in a pokey changing room. Is your heart sinking already?

Our Fashion Update will give you a head start before you make for the shops.  In the warmth of your own home you’ll see which of the latest trends work for your personality and your lifestyle. For instance, that long, luxuriant ‘Rich Romance’ coat is tempting if you are a Romantic, but will it get caught in the car door? If the oversized collars and cuffs of the ‘Maximalist Minimalist’ trend appeal to your dramatic side, then you’ll keep an eye open for those details, saving precious time in the shops.  

If you’re not sure what your clothing personality is, book a style session now with your House of Colour consultant. You’ll learn which shapes and fabrics suit your character and your body architecture.  As part of that, you’ll get a clear idea of what your ideal coat looks like.   That means less struggling in changing rooms…  and no expensive mistakes.

Great value – all day, every day

Once you’ve bought your coat, make the most of it using accessories to dress it in different ways.  If you want to switch gear after dropping the kids off or leaving the office, you could use a scarf or hat to change the mood. Brilliant! Your coat has changed personality in seconds.

Here are a few more ideas to get you going:

Boots: if you’re a Gamine, patterned wellies in a range of ‘wow’ colours will set your coat off nicely. More of a Natural?  Then boots in suede or leather are just the job.

Scarves: Ingenues will go for delicate, lacy ones; Classics for ones that ooze quality. Whatever your clothing personality, Kettlewell have a mouth-watering selection of scarves in their Autumn/Winter collection. Have a look.

Hats: there are so many colours, patterns and styles to choose from, you’re bound to find one that will work for you. 

And if you’re overwhelmed by choice, your stylist is always on hand to help. Give her a call now.  Oh, and enjoy the most important thing you’ll buy this winter!


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