Give your wardrobe a workout

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June 2020 News


Before starting: Get out your colour wallet and style workbook, clothing personality notes and wardrobe words (if you have them) and make sure you are familiar with the colours, styles, shapes and patterns that work for you. Then go through each item and consider the following:

  • When did you last wear it? - if it was more than 2 years ago or you really can't remember, can you bring it back into your life perhaps by wearing it in a different way?
  • Mark it out of 10? 10s are new or nearly new items that tick all your boxes. If you get down to 5/6 marks then it might be time to start wearing it for gardening (something else we can do).
  • Check for colour - remember to use your wallet as a whole, colours don't need to match exactly, just blend and harmonise with your palette - use your seasonal words and cards to help.
  • Check for style - having thoroughly perused your style notes, does this item hit the right note and tick all the boxes it needs to? If not can you make it work with some accessories? 
  • Find a new home for anything that doesn't shape up.


Once you know what you are keeping. Put it all back in an order that works for you. Here's a suggestion:

  • Sort it by when and what you wear it for. Create separate sections for your work clothes, hanging out at home (keep these handy), going out and "going out out" (even if this means getting dressed up to go into the kitchen at the moment!) 
  • Sort each section by item. Keep the same type of item together on the rail, eg jackets, trousers, tops etc. It is easier to find what you want and you are more likely to mix and match your items creating different outfits.
  • Sort each item by colour. Wardrobes look at lot less like jumble sales if you apply some structure to your colours. A way that works is to think "rainbow". You won't necessarily have all of these in your season but its a good place to start.

House of Colour consultants are here to help you continue to put your best foot forward in these unsettling times. Contact your local consultant to see how their services have been modified to accommodate social distancing measures.