7 simple tweaks to ‘spark joy’ in your wardrobe in 2021

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January 2021 News


7 simple tweaks to ‘spark joy’ in your wardrobe in 2021

Extended periods of lockdown have prompted many of us to reflect on the contents of our own houses and in particular, our wardrobes.  But how can you get more enjoyment and value from your wardrobe and feel great in your clothes every day?  These easy-to-action intentions will get you and your wardrobe off to a positive start this year.


1. Improve wardrobe organisation

Without a well organised wardrobe, you’ll struggle to achieve your wardrobe goals, but it needn’t be complicated or time consuming.  Arrange clothing by type of item e.g. blouses, dresses, skirts, and then by colour, to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.  Taking this simple approach to organisation is key to encouraging creation of more new outfits from your existing clothes.


2. Protect your wardrobe from bacteria and uninvited guests

A clean wardrobe with items appropriately stored is crucial to future-proofing your clothing.  Pull everything out of your wardrobe and clean out the inside of it to ensure a hygienic space.  Use scented products containing natural oils such as lavender and cedar wood to keep clothes smelling fresh and deter moths.  If re-wearing items of clothing that haven’t been washed between wears, leave these to hang outside of your wardrobe to keep them fresh and minimise the opportunity for bacteria to harbour.


3. Review what you actually wear

How many items do you have hanging in your wardrobe that you fully intend to wear but never quite manage to?  The only way you can be certain of what you are actually wearing is to monitor it.  This can be as simple as rotating the direction of the hanger when you wear something – which if you do for a full year, will capture all seasonal variations and give your clothes a fair chance of wear.  If by the end of 2021 you haven’t turned that hanger, is that item of clothing realistically going to have an outing in years to come?


4. Act responsibly with the clothes you no longer wear

There are so many options for responsible clothing disposal.  Here are a few to investigate: resale sites such as eBay, Depop, Facebook marketplace; charities; council recycling centres.  Some high street retailers also operate clothing return schemes in exchange for in-store vouchers.  Do you have clothes that could be tweaked or repurposed by a local alterations service?  If you have items made from natural fibres such as cotton that are beyond repair, these can make great cloths for household cleaning.


5. Ask yourself the 30+ wears question with each new purchase

Before you buy a new item of clothing, ask yourself how many times you are realistically likely to wear it.  Next, ask yourself if it is worth the money you are spending on it for the number of wears it will have.  This ‘cost per wear’ mentality will benefit your bank balance as well as the planet’s limited resources.  By asking yourself this one simple question, over time you will shift your thinking to buy less frequently and buy better quality. 


6. Only buy items you truly love

In addition to being honest with yourself about the number of times you are likely to wear something new, ask yourself: “Do I really love it?”  Is it worth parting with your valuable money for?  Is it worthy of a place in your wardrobe?  Shifting your mindset to shop in a mindful way will create lasting change to your shopping habits and greater satisfaction with your purchases.  If you buy something because it’s discounted, rather than because you love it, the chances are it’s not the bargain you’ve convinced yourself it is.


7. Seek expert guidance

In addition to inspiring greater self-confidence, an image consultant will be the most valuable investment you make in your wardrobe, with the guidance you’ll receive in your consultations benefitting you for the rest of your life.  Just like a personal trainer or dietician can create a bespoke programme to benefit your health and fitness goals, unique to your body and lifestyle constraints, the same principles apply for a personal image consultant.  House of Colour stylists work with you to achieve the clarity and confidence you need in your wardrobe to feel your natural best, for your everyday life and personal budget.  Services extend beyond the initial Style and Colour Analysis sessions and bespoke sessions are available for solutions as individual as you are.  Find and contact your local stylist here.

Blog written by Sarah Biancardi, consultant for Ampthill/Flitwick

07814 225 657