Virtual Styling: here is everything you need to know

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June 2020 News


Lockdown has been a challenge for all of us in lots of ways. In the grand scheme of things our wardrobe may not seem important, but we have needed different things from our clothes at this time. Comfort has been key and so has making sure we are camera ready. But not at the cost of losing who we are. Self-care is vital and feeling good in your clothes every day is part of that. 

I know that a lot of my clients will be easing out of the restrictions feeling a lot more confident about their wardrobes after using our virtual styling services. With the exception of colour analysis, we can do pretty much everything via a video call. 

One of the joys of virtual styling is the flexibility. Being able to split sessions, work around childcare, strike out travel time have all added in to make virtual styling a big success. 

· With a wardrobe edit I can Zoom straight into your wardrobe and edit out all the clothes that don’t belong – the strangers! We can look at how we can tweak items to make them work and find fabulous new combinations. After we had sorted her wardrobe, Jan described the experience as “self affirming and inspirational” 


· A big part of my business is based around personal shopping so not being able to meet you in a shop felt like a big loss but now I am loving shopping online. There is a much greater choice of shops, I can find you some really unusual pieces rather than run of the mill high street plus I have revitalised the experience to include three mini video call sessions aswell as my behind the scenes work. We chat through the brief, then I shop before we reconvene to Zoom through all my choices and once the clothes arrive we have a try on session. The only thing that is missing is my John Lewis selfie! 


· Make up sessions have been fabulous, I can send you samples before-hand and we practise techniques plus you get a workbook to record everything in so you can get screen ready and be visible amongst all the little squares. 


· But the absolute cherry on the cake is virtual styling! This has been the biggest revelation of all. Imagine enjoying a bespoke session and finding the shapes and styles of clothes that suit your bodyshape, personality and lifestyle without even leaving your house. Why have we never done this before?! During session one we look at who you are, what your body architecture is and what you need from your clothes. Then you get chance to digest all of the information before we dive into session two and look at how we are going to dress you, aswell as wardrobe theory and making an impact both professionally and personally. Plus you get me doing a mini wardrobe edit thrown in as part of this session. After a couple of weeks, we follow up with another video call to check your progress. 

If you’re feeling like you have lost yourself in loungewear, let us help you find your vibrancy again.

House of Colour consultants are here to help you continue to put your best foot forward in these unsettling times. Contact your local consultant to see how their services have been modified to accommodate social distancing measures.

Blog written by Jane Brook, consultant for Worcester/Droitwich/Birmingham