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September 2019 Press release


Colour and Style changed Jessica's life. What about yours? 

“I wish I’d done this years ago” is often what clients tell us. Not just because they save lots of time and money when shopping. It’s also the deep confidence they feel every day when they’re wearing clothes that perfectly fit their personality and colouring. And as Jessica Fuller's story shows, that confidence will change your life.

Feel your confidence ‘skyrocket’ with Colour

Jessica was given a Colour Class on her sixteenth birthday.  Suddenly the challenges of exams, university interviews and leaving home became easier to handle:


‘I’d been someone who was quite shy, quite small and overlooked by lots of people, just because I felt I wasn’t anything that special. But when I knew my right colours, my confidence skyrocketed and I was ready to be part of it all. And it’s funny, people noticed me in the street because I had a purple coat on when everyone else was in black puffa coats! So I blossomed at University because colour helped me to express myself visually."


Show your true amazing self with Style

Colour Analysis was a great start, but with Style, Jessica really came into her own. The royal purple dress she wore at her first job interview was the perfect shade and boosted her confidence. But once she’d been on her Style Class, she realised it wasn't quite right, because it was too formal and corporate. As a ‘Natural Ingenue’ Jessica’s elfin features and personality suit softer clothes, with pretty detailing. But to fit in to her new office, she dressed in a more classic way:


“I always thought that you had to look the part in a corporate environment, with pencil skirts and fitted dresses. So that’s what I did. I probably came across as stern, because that's how I looked. I didn't look like me! Once I’d done Style, my self-esteem soared again, because I knew who I was on the inside and I could reflect that on the outside, which is really important. People now warm to me because of that.”


Seize those opportunities with Colour and Style



Jessica left her job to became her own boss as a House of Colour consultant. She’s also joined the company’s marketing team. She says her willingness to make the most of new opportunities goes back to those classes:


“Colour and Style gave me the ability to go out and do things that I wouldn’t have done before. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have started my own business or ever dreamed I’d do the job I’m doing now.


“I’m quite a reserved person, but thanks to those classes, I discovered people wanted to listen to me. That’s really nice, to feel that I am in my own space, and can show myself in the way I want to be.”  




For the guys


Offices vary a lot. Jessica’s was formal, yours might be casual. If you feel that what you wear at work isn’t really you, call me. Your local consultant can help you come up with outfits that are perfect for your build and personality and still stick to the office rules. With Colour and Style you’ll always feel great and never out of place.