Our top tips on how to travel in style effortlessly

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June 2018 News


Our stress-free guide to travelling in style.

It’s summer and the packing season is upon us. With it comes the annual headache. Do you stagger around with a suitcase the size of a baby elephant? Or do you try to squeeze your wobbling tower of clothes into that small piece of hand luggage? Meanwhile you have a sneaky suspicion that you’re packing all the wrong things anyway.

So let us help. You have more important things to think about: which restaurants to visit, which books to read by the pool, or, if it’s work, what to put on that USB stick. Here are our top tips on how to travel light and in style.

Number 1 Create your capsule wardrobe

Get the most outfits from the smallest number of clothes. (If you know your colours and style, this is effortless, because everything you pack goes with everything else.) First put all the clothes you’d love to take on your bed. Then, take a deep breath. You’re going to halve it! Think about what you’ll be doing – walking? lounging? eating out? – then use this list as your guide:

  • 3 pairs of trousers, including ones that can be dressed up or down.

  • 2 skirts, which look good with heels or flats. 

  • Tops of different weights, which can be layered if the weather is changeable. Cardigans and pashminas are great, or a lightweight jacket if you’re working. 

  • 2 dresses, ideally patterned. Patterns don’t show creases or sweat marks as much as plain material.

Number 2 Think small

Jewellery, belts, scarves, sunglasses, hats and bags are all winners. They don’t take up much room and they give you a chance to have fun, experimenting with new looks. For a pop of lovely colour, why not try some bracelets or rings in brighter shades from your palette? Sunglasses will also bring flair to any outfit, especially if you’ve got the fabulous iGreen range to choose from - contact your local consultant about igreen glasses. (You’ll discover your face shape and which glasses suit you at your Style class.) 

Number 3 Pick your point of red

If you’ve done your Colour class you’ll know your three points of red. From burgundy,cool red and bright pink for Winters; rose , cherry and plum for Summers; rust, coral and warm red for Autumns and Springs can choose from warm red,coral or warm pink. When you travel, try taking just one point of red with you. It instantly condenses all the choices you make, including which lipstick to wear. Just contact your local consultant if you want a reminder on your points of red.

Which brings us to your…

Number 4 Make-up musts

A waterproof mascara, an eyeliner or eye palette and that lipstick. Last but not least, maybe leave your foundation at home and try enhancing your skin with with a bronzer or our new sleek illuminator: sweep it over your cheekbones or collarbones and you’ll look wonderful.


Number 5 Almost there

Now all you have to do is roll your clothes into three sausages. The first is for tops and dresses, one inside the other, with the most crushable fabrics on the outside. Trousers and skirts go in the second sausage and everything else goes in the third.

If you want more tips on how to travel in style and make your packing effortlessly simple, book your Style, or Advanced Style class today.  

Have a great trip!