Top tips for Summer dressing in the UK

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July 2020 News


Here in the UK, getting dressed in the summer months always seems to involve checking the weather forecast first, and sometimes we can experience four seasons in one day! Thankfully, there are some easy ways to make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality without having to carry your whole wardrobe in your bag. Here are our top 5 tips for feeling stylish AND prepared during the summer.

Know your fabrics.

Wearing clothes that don’t make you sweat will boost both your comfort and your confidence.

Linen is great because it absorbs moisture but then dries quickly so you stay cool and avoid any lingering sweat patches (but be warned, it wrinkles easily!)

Cotton and bamboo allow air to circulate through the fabric, evaporating sweat and keeping you nice and cool. They’re also soft, and usually machine washable – hurrah!

Watch out for polyester which is used extensively in the clothing industry because it is cheap to produce and doesn’t wrinkle. As a fibre which repels water, it traps sweat inside, making you hot and uncomfortable. Even some high-end retailers use polyester so always check the label, even if the garment is expensive.

Top tip: Some of the larger online retailers now allow you to filter results by fabric type, so you can quickly identify the clothes that will keep you cool and happy!

Layer up.

‚ÄčOur upper bodies tend to be where we feel the cold the most, so carrying a lightweight sweater or cardigan for those unexpected breezes is always a good idea. Invest in a high quality breathable piece in one of your best neutral colours and then you know it will go over the top of any outfit.

Instead of throwing this in your handbag, fold it in half, and then roll it loosely so it always looks fresh and uncreased when you need it.

Light and bright.

Summer is a great time to wear the lighter, brighter colours in your palette or try some tropical/floral prints if this is your thing!

Handbags in dark colours can also look a bit heavy in summer, so opt for a lighter colour and fabric or one made from natural fibres for a beach-bag vibe.

Accessorise for sun…

Hats and sunglasses are a FABULOUS way to showcase our style and personality in the summer months. Investing in a good quality hat in one of your best neutrals is guaranteed to elevate any outfit. Measure your head to find your hat size first, and if in doubt size up as you can always buy some hat sizing tape to bring it down to your perfect fit; too small and you won’t wear it, too big and it might blow away! 

…but prepare for rain.

If there is one item in our wardrobes many of us would rather burn than wear, it’s our rain coat. So many of us buy the cheapest one we can, and then keep it scrunched up in a bag, only to feel it sapping our mood the moment we put it on. Embrace this necessity and you can find some compact yet gorgeously chic rain macs in bold and beautiful colours, featuring waist-defining drawstrings, statement pockets and flattering hoods. You know you’ll need it!

As a final tip, pack away your winter clothes so they’re not filling up your wardrobe space; this way you will see more of your summer outfit options and be able to spot combinations you didn’t know you had! If you’re looking to refresh your summer wardrobe, need guidance online shopping, or could use help with a declutter, your nearest House of Colour consultant will be more than happy to assist!

Blog written by Laura Downey, Consultant for Greenwich, Blackheath and Canary Wharf.