3 tips for self-confidence when you’re a busy mum

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March 2017 News

stylish mum

Having children is one of the most positive, life-changing moments of our lives. It’s also one of the most challenging. Kids demand bags of energy, lots of time and a complete shift in focus. As a mother, it’s easy to let your own identity disappear into the background. 

But here’s the thing… If you put yourself back onto the agenda then your loved ones will benefit. They’ll gain from your confidence. Easy to say, less easy (if not impossible) to do when you’re a frazzled mum? Here are some tips and ideas:

The life-saving pashmina

PashminasAt the moment, you probably don’t have time for make-up – not even the 90-second routine. Let’s face it, brushing your hair can sometimes feel like a luxury. This is when the pashmina comes to your rescue.

Throw on a pashmina or scarf in one of your `wow’ colours. Your skin will look bright and fresh – even when you’ve had zero sleep – and if you’ve chosen to breastfeed, it can double as a cover-up when you’re out and about.  

Don’t fade to grey

Children’s clothes are chock full of colour, personality and all-round cuteness. It’s tempting to invest in them, and lose yourself in grey.  Accessories are the easiest way to bring back your naturally colourful self.

OK, we hear you. Earrings and necklaces stay on for a nanosecond with a small curious baby who loves sparkly things. How about a bag? A really big colourful bag with lots of pockets. You get a practical way to carry all that stuff - wet wipes, tissues, toys, nappies, a change of clothes, snacks… But most importantly, you get to express your individuality.

Talking of which… Do you fancy getting together with some girlfriends for a treat? Did you know that your stylist can design a class especially for you and few friends? Just let us know what you need – colour, style for new mums, easy make-up tips? Get in touch and we’ll build the class around you.  Useful bag

Get comfortable in your skin… and your jeans

Your body shape has changed. Even if you’ve fought like hell to get back to your pre-pregnancy size, those jeans may not zip up. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s normal.   

If you can invest in a new pair of jeans. They’re easy to wash, easy to wear and they’ll last for years. Go for the best possible fit in a colour that’s right for your season and they’ll work with anything in your wardrobe – warm and dark for Autumns, cool and deep for Winters, bright and blue for Springs, soft and cool for Summers.

Don’t forget, these are small steps and not a revolution. A beautifully coloured pashmina, a couple of accessories… something that makes you smile. Once you start feeling confidently `you’ again, your family will reap the benefits.