Time-saving style tips for mums

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September 2017 News

style tips for mums

For mums everywhere: invest a little bit now, and save yourself lots of time and hassle in the future.

We know you’re pressed for time.  That’s why we have hand-picked two very short films to save you precious minutes when you get up in the morning.  And they make you feel good about yourself, as you herd the kids out of the front door.

Maybe like Heather, you’re so rushed you have created your own uniform.  You’ve bought the same clothes in bulk, so you don’t have to think as you throw them on.  Yes, we’ve been there – but we’ll let Heather tell you how she’s weaned herself off repeat purchases:


And Jennie, another busy mum, has taken the stress out of clothes shopping.  Not easy if you have a toddler in tow, but, with a bit of help, she’s done it:


Our top two time savers

As a mum, spending money on yourself can feel frivolous.  Don’t the children come first?  Well…not always, no.  (There, we’ve said it!)  A happy you means happy children, so remember to invest in yourself every so often. Here are a couple of things that are well worth the outlay:

  • A pashmina
  • A bag – preferably large, with lots of zips

A scarf or pashmina in one of your double-star `wow’ colours will make your skin look bright and fresh, even after zero sleep. If you’ve chosen to breastfeed, it also doubles as a cover-up when you’re out and about.

A new bag may sound like a luxury, but it’s essential. A roomy colourful zip-rich bag allows you to carry round all that stuff – nappies, baby wipes, toys, snacks, water, a change of clothes… And equally as important, it gives you style and a real boost to your confidence.

You come first

Go on, treat yourself.   Spend a bit now and you’ll save yourself time and stress in the weeks, and months, to come.

(And talking of treats…Do you fancy getting together with some other mums? Did you know that House of Colour stylists will design a class especially for you and a few friends? Just let us know what you need – colour analysis, style for new mums, easy make-up tips? Get in touch and we’ll build the class around you. )