Style for men: How to avoid the embarrassing Christmas jumper look

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December 2016 News

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How to avoid the embarrassing Christmas jumper

There’s lots to get excited about at this time of year - Christmas parties, presents, mulled wine, sparkly lights… But there’s a downside to festive traditions - the men’s Christmas jumper.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not going to shout `Bah humbug’ at every man sporting a red-nosed reindeer on his chest… even when the aforementioned nose is flashing on and off beneath a pair of novelty antlers. Festive fun is what it’s all about, but there are alternatives to the embarrassing Christmas jumper. Here are a few ideas…

The Christmas shirt

With shirts, it’s all in the detail. An Italian collar, for example, with a contrasting colour or pattern on the inside, is a really classy way to add festive colour and personality.

Look out for contrasting stitching on cuffs and collars. It’s the kind of subtle detail that stands out amidst all those woolly Santas.  

When it comes to detailing, buttons are your secret weapon. It could be colour, pattern or texture… Shirt buttons speak volumes without shouting about it.  

Have fun with colour

You’re not at work, so Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with colour. Again, it doesn’t have to be loud. You’re after the beautifully tuned harmony, not a cacophony.

Your best impact colour, combined with a seasonal neutral, allows for all sorts of wearable options - a T-shirt and jumper combo, a shirt with contrasting buttons, impact colour within a pattern. To give you some ideas, here are some impact/neutral combinations that will always work:

For Winters, great contrasting colours will work well for you, try raspberry or Chinese blue with navy as your neutral or try either damson or burgundy with charcoal.

If you are a Summer then some softer hues will work for you, try powder blue or duck egg with dark blue grey as the neutral or smoked grape or cherry with French navy.

Springs will look great in some splashes of colour added to a great neutral, try geranium red or turquoise with tan or try leaf green or bright navy with dove grey.

Great Autumn choices include either moss or kingfisher with dark brown as your neutral or try mustard or light olive with dark olive.

Whatever your season, if you want to avoid the Christmas colour cliche, then red and green are probably best left for the tree.   

Obviously, you’d need to know your seasonal colours. But don’t forget, House of Colour help men look good too. Book yourself into the M1 colour analysis class for men or the colour and style all in one day for men

Festive grooming

You’ve avoided the dodgy Christmas jumper look and your colours are all sorted, but there’s still one thing that can sabotage your look - personal grooming. If you’ve never tried them before and you fancy treating yourself to some quality stuff, Essentially Yours do really good facial products which are great for men too!

(Ladies, psst! Christmas present idea coming up… Check out their face wash, moisturisers – they work for men too!)