Spring/ Summer Fashion Trends 2019

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Smash this season’s looks with the latest Fashion Update 

Now the spring / summer collections are arriving in the shops, you might find yourself wandering around the clothes aisles thinking, “Would that really work for me?!”

When you do your Style Class, that question magically disappears. Style comes after your Colour Class and is the second part of your three-step House of Colour programme.

When you do it, you discover a number of amazing things about yourself, so next time you shop you’ll know instantly whether something works for you. That knowledge saves you time and money and helps you to bring your wardrobe bang up-to-date. And that means that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you always feel great.


Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading and you’ll see for yourself!     


Discover your Style in 3 ways:

At your Style Class you will:

• find the best cuts, lengths and shapes that work for your proportions and body architecture. It’s brilliant how things like pleats, necklines and fabric drapes can make all the difference. You’ll see how.

• understand your clothing personality. Many of our clients say this fun exercise is life-changing. They finally get to wear the clothes that reflect who they really are and that feels fantastic.

• create a wardrobe that works for you. Whether you spend time indoors or out, at work or with friends, your clothes fit in with your lifestyle and give you a confidence boost all day, every day.


Create your unique spring collection

Once you’ve done your Style Class, we help you put your new knowledge into practice with our twice-yearly Fashion Update. It’s our overview of the latest trends, with pointers on which looks work for your clothing personality and which definitely don’t!


Here’s a taste of what’s going to be hot on the high street this spring and summer:

Leisure Luxe: the hi-lo trend, which brings a fancy feel to casual outfits (think velvet, sequins or embroidery) is still around. So if you love practical clothes, with a touch of luxury, this is for you.  








Work Life Woman: there’s no stopping tailoring at the moment. Blazers, wrap dresses and pencil skirts are popular choices. You can give your outfits a fresh feel with drapes and ties or look for this season’s versions with lace trims and sateen. 







Modern Prairie: there’s still an appetite for midi and asymmetric dresses, with romantic ruffles and ditzy florals. You could add a modern twist with a boxy bag or sporty rucksack or a Western-inspired belt or scarf.






… as for all the other trends, get in touch with your local consultant. They can talk about which ones will work for you when you book your Style (or Advanced Style) Class.

If you have already done your style class then contact your local consultant to send you the Fashion Update guide tailored to your style and clothing personality.

For the Guys

If clothes shopping fills you with dread, book your Style Class today and save yourself hours of frustration. Once you understand which shapes and styles work for your height and build, you’ll be able to spot the clothes that suit you straightaway. Suddenly everything you own makes you look trimmer and fitter and you only spent 30 minutes in the shop!