Spring/Summer Fashion Update: make your next shopping trip a breeze

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March 2018 News


Did you know it takes about two weeks to get used to changes in your appearance?  That includes all those lovely lightbulb moments you have with us, when you discover your ‘wow’ colours, or the fact that your clothing personality is ‘dramatic’ or ‘romantic’ and you really can wear that daring top.  (Yes, you can!)

It also means that when you look back at other fashions – flares, shoulder pads, ponchos – they can seem a bit odd. It takes time to get used to a new silhouette, so it feels just right.

And that’s why our Fashion Update, packed with photos, is a must.  It tips you off about looks that are likely to become long term trends – like wide-legged trousers and mid-length skirts, dresses, jackets and coats. If you spot them early and buy a few key pieces right at the start, you can transform the feel of your wardrobe for several seasons.  (Trends last a few years but fashion crazes come and go within months.)  Our update helps you to find your way around both.


Here's how to do it:

The first step to making the most of these new fashions is to book your Style Class or Advanced Style if you’ve already done Style.  Once you’ve seen your consultant, you’ll understand your clothing personality and your body’s proportions.  When you next go shopping you won’t waste money picking the wrong shapes or lengths.  You’ll make straight for the styles and textures that work for you. It’s magical! 

Get ahead now.

To save you time, we’re sharing our five key looks for spring and summer.

Transformed Traditions – traditional tailored silhouettes are updated with asymmetric shapes, twisting and draping and lots of colour blocking.

Tropical Utility – if you like to make a statement, you can team exotic bold prints with safari jackets and wide-legged or cropped trousers.

Elevated Basics – This look is all about the details that transform a trusted pair of jeans into something smarter carrying on the hi-lo trend from last season so mixing ruffles, embellishment, silk with denim.

Summertime Bright – dazzle with bold colours in one piece dresses and jumpsuits or two-piece ‘dresses’ with the skirt and top in the same fabric and pattern. 

Springtime Whimsy – think shear fabrics, florals and delicate cut-out details.  The silhouettes will define the waist with flattering fit-and-flare shapes.


Want a helping hand?

Give your consultant a call.  She/he will handpick the latest looks that work just for you, in your personalised Fashion Edit.  Even better, come along to our Fashion Edit event and see how you can combine the latest styles before you buy.

And if you’d like someone to cheer you on the next time you hit the high street, take your consultant with you.  Together you’ll save bags of time – and you’ll come away with bags of clothes you’ll love for months to come.



Images top to bottom:

1) Tropical Utility - M&S

2) Transformed Traditions - Hobbs

3) Elevated Basics - Miss Sixty

4) Summertime Bright - F&F

5) Springtime Whimsy - Dorothy Perkins