Look fabulous in your spring make-up, effortlessly.

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May 2018 News


Thank goodness, spring is in the air.  The short days of winter are behind us.  Have you ever wanted to add a little bit more eyeliner or lipstick to make up for the fact that it all feels a bit grey – the weather’s gloomy, you’re getting over a cold and you need a boost.  Some extra blusher will do the trick.  Yes, we’ve been there!  We know what it’s like to sit in front of the mirror, topping up the eyeshadow and eyeliner, and then wondering whether it’s too much or not. 

So why not try a makeup class, which will save you time and effort – and you will still look and feel fabulous, ready for spring.

First we'll talk about what you would like to change about your make-up look.

Then, as we apply your make up options, we'll discover it's like a natural extension of you. A second skin that makes you feel and look fabulous.

What is it?  Well, it’s all to do with your colours, especially the ones you wear near your face.  If you’ve got the right shade under your chin it will instantly make your skin look clearer and smoother.  So you don’t need to put as much make-up on. 

Karen (above) shows that a wow colour and perfect 90 second make-up make all the difference.

It’s true!  If you wear your right colours, they do half your make-up job for you.  Here’s a sneak preview of what happens when you come to a Make-Up  or refresher class and let your colours work their magic.

Look at the difference colour makes to House of Colour's Holly and Jenny. 


Jenny's a Spring. Can you see how the burgundy scarf, burgundy lipstick and cool eye make-up creates shadows and adds some years to her face? And how young and vibrant she looks with her turquoise scarf, geranium red lipstick and the right tone of eye-shadow?



But warm yellow doesn't work for Holly, who's a Winter...

On the right, the fuchsia pink top, the cool lipstick and eye shadow make Holly's skin look beautifully smooth and her eyes bright. Holly looks so much clearer and fresher on the right in her cool bright makeup colours.




See the magic for yourself.

Once you do, your make-up routine will be quicker and your make-up bag lighter. (No need for concealer, and no more hovering at beauty counters, then feeling let down when you get home, because the lipstick that seemed great in the shop looks all wrong in natural light.) 

Everything you put on will make you feel wonderful, even when you're not feeling 100%. So never expect tea and sympathy - just comments on how amazing you look.