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August 2019 News

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Until relatively recently, workwear meant tailored clothes. If you wanted to be taken seriously, this is what you chose, because the ‘suited and booted’ look said you meant business, even before you’d spoken a word. Tailoring like this goes back to military dress, deliberately styled to give you authority.


We’ve moved a long way from that. Dressing down is much more common, which is a relief… and also a challenge. Traditional tailoring had the elements that gave you presence – collars, lapels, crisp lines – already built in. So how do you make sure that your ideas and opinions still carry weight, even if you’re dressed more casually? 

Here are our five top tips to creating your winning work wardrobe. It will reflect your personality, do justice to your professionalism and make you feel fabulous from 9 to 5.

1. Take stock of yourself and your office


Is there a dress code? If so, what’s acceptable and what’s not? Once you know, you can decide how you’d like to be perceived in that environment. With the help of your Style Class, you can choose clothes that make you show up in the world in the way you want – and in a way that’s true to yourself.

2. Think quality, rather than quantity


The high street has lots of temptingly cheap casual clothes. But spending a bit more on your staples gives you much better value for money. For example if your office allows jeans, make them a fabulous pair. They’ll last longer and they’ll boost your confidence right through the working day. 

3. Exploit those little extras


Accessories are a quick and easy way to give you, and your outfit, real impact. If work is happy for you to dress down, you’ll have the freedom to choose more ornate or fun jewellery – depending on your clothing personality and what you want to project on any given day. The right necklace, watch, belt or bag will tell colleagues you’re full of great ideas from the moment you walk into the room.

4. Use colour to set the tone


How you combine different colours in an outfit will also give you instant presence. Even where dress codes are more traditional, a splash of bright colour, in a scarf or belt, combined with two neutrals, makes you stand out without breaking the office rules. 

5. Remember your make-up.


If where you work is really casual, you might think make-up’s not worth the bother. But actually, popping on some foundation, blusher and lipstick really does make sure that people hear what you’ve got to say. Your face is your communication zone, the place where you influence and inspire your colleagues – and make-up helps you to do that brilliantly by adding contrast into your features.


These five steps are a taster of the great things you’ll discover at your Style Class – or Advanced Style, if you’ve done Style already.


Get in contact with your local Consultant and wow everyone at work in the way you want to.



For the guys


If you work in a relaxed place where suits are rare, there’s one accessory that will help you stand out – and still fit in:  A belt. Did you know it goes back to the military history of men's clothes: even if you’re in T-shirt and jeans, a great quality belt will finish the look. It’s casual and it says you’re serious about the day ahead. 


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