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March 2019 News

It was nine years ago when I drove down to Watford for an interview to become a House of Colour franchisee. I was nervous and completely unsure as to whether I would be accepted for training. I walked into the offices and was blown away by the MD, Helen Venables, and I desperately wanted to join the company. Luckily, Helen saw my potential.

About six years ago, I reached a turning point and wanted to upgrade my look. When I first started the business, I didn't have much money and had bought the minimum clothes and it felt like time to spend more on my wardrobe, but I wanted to get the right pieces. I needed an objective pair of eyes. So I became a client again and booked a shopping trip with Helen.

It was wonderful! I used my whole budget and bought some fabulous clothes. Every time I wore them, I felt amazing and it showed. I attracted more and more of the right clients. This stuff really works.......

Now Helen and I shop together as friends and you see my latest haul further down. I've also popped some top tips to help you shop.



Jane's Top Tips


On Friday I went to Brent Cross for my spring shopping trip.

Before I go, I make sure I am shopping with a plan. I want to make my clothes work hard for me and make sure that I am spending my money effectively.

I have a very logical approach to my wardrobe. I budget for my clothes, look at the new season trends and work out what I need. I like to get the cost per wear right down on each item.

My haul included a coat, a blazer, jeans, two pairs of trousers and six tops so plenty of combinations! I spent £560 and have at least 30 outfits so that means less than £20 per outfit. Shopping with logic.




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