School run style - how to look great at the school gate

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September 2017 News

How to look great on the school run... in minutes

Does this sound familiar? It’s a wet Monday morning, you’re on the school run and it’s chaotic. You’ve got the kids up, dressed and fed, checked the homework situation, just about remembered their PE kit. And then it’s a mad flurry getting them to school on time.
Making yourself look great is at the bottom of the list. How could you possibly find the time? And besides, you may embarrass the kids – or the other mums, who’ve just struggled with the same morning routine.
But what if we said you could look effortlessly stylish in a matter of minutes? And feel great about how you look. You wouldn’t believe us, right? A House of Colour stylist can show you how. Click here to find your nearest one.

In the meantime, here’s a few of our top tips:

Make-up in 90 seconds

There’s a secret to looking alive and vibrant in 90 seconds. Actually, there are 2:

  • Mineral foundation

  • Lipstick

And that’s it. When you’re short of time, don’t worry about eye make-up. A brush of mineral foundation takes about 20 seconds.

The truth is, a quick slip of lipstick or lip gloss, in your most delicious `wow’ colour, will have more impact than any other make-up. It will light up your face and make your eyes sparkle  – and sometimes, that’s enough to make you feel wonderful.

House of colour lipstick

But that wet Monday morning would be even better if you could work out what to wear.

Rain is your new best friend

Cold rainy mornings are an extra hassle, aren’t they - especially when you’re short of time but want to look good. Here’s a simple, budget-friendly solution:

  • Wellies and an umbrella.

OK, bear with us here. We’re not talking about dull black wellies and an umbrella that’s seen better days. Fantastic brollies are all over the place at the moment, and they’re not expensive. Have some fun choosing a new umbrella that really floats your boat.

As for wellies, these days you’re only limited by your imagination. Short wellies, long wellies, polka dot, cool stripes, sexy leopard print or just gorgeous colours – you’re bound to find the perfect Style for you.  

If you’re worried about juggling an umbrella with a pushchair and a small child, just leave the brolly at home. Team up those wellies with a hooded coat or raincoat in a colour that makes you look and feel wonderful.

School run style

The effortless wardrobe

On the busiest of school run mornings, imagine having a choice of stuff in your wardrobe that you can just grab and put on, knowing it will look fabulous.

If that sounds impossible, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’ve all stood in front of bulging wardrobes thinking `I’ve absolutely nothing to wear’.  So what’s the solution?

In short, colour. Once you know which spectrum of colours make you look great, your wardrobe becomes a joy. You can pick clothes at random, even in the dark. Everything goes together. Getting dressed is easy, and it takes a matter of seconds.  

Some wardrobe de-cluttering may be in order. It’s surprisingly cathartic and refreshing - sifting through those unworn impulse buys, the one-size-too-smalls, and the colours that don’t show you at your best.  Go on, take the plunge and start de-cluttering. On chaotic mornings, it’s a life-saver. 

The power of accessories

To be honest, you only need one gorgeous accessory to make you look and feel alive and bright on the school run.

It could be a good quality shoulder bag or even better, a highly practical cross-body bag which leaves both your hands free. Or how about a stunning scarf? Kettlewell have some fabulous infinity scarves in an entire rainbow of colours. Just pick your best colour, drop it around your neck, and you’re good to go.

Give yourself permission to look good

When it comes to spending money, busy mums often put themselves last. It’s completely understandable, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

But think of it this way: when you look good, you feel good. You honour yourself when you feel great on a daily basis  and your family reaps the benefits. Once you give yourself permission to look good, everyone wins - especially your kids.

You don’t have to spend a fortune. That fabulous lippy alone will make all the difference. Wear it every day on the school run – you can be as windswept and muddy as you like, you’ll still look wonderful.

The trick is to be consistent. Once you’ve found that perfect lipstick, the colours that make you look younger  and accessories that speak your language, wear them every day. Not just on rainy Mondays.  After a couple of weeks, the other mums will start asking what your secret is. You’ll be the most stylish person in the playground.

Do you want to know more about that 90-second make-up routine? Just pop along to your local wake up your make-up class. You’ll find everything you need to look wonderful  in 90 seconds.