Points of red.... a FREE recipe for perfect lipstick colours

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March 2017 News


Here’s a tasty recipe for you:

  • Take 3 lipsticks
  • Combine freely with your clothes  
  • Be confident that everything will mix together deliciously

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how can those 3 lipsticks mix deliciously with all the colours in your wardrobe? Well, it’s all down to your 3 points of red.

What are points of red?

They’re the 3 shades of red that light up your face. It could be scarlet, burgundy and pink - or perhaps it’s brick red, copper and geranium… You’ll have 3 points of red that work beautifully with your natural colouring, plus the variants of those shades within your seasonal palette.  

But here’s the thing about red: it’s tricky. More than any other colour, red can argue and clash with its variants. A bright pink lipstick, for example, will swear like a sailor at your burgundy top. That terracotta jumper will come to blows with a geranium red lipstick.  

How do I get them to agree?

Your lipstick doesn’t have get matchy-matchy with your clothing, but it should belong to the same colour family.

Let’s say you’re a Winter. You look great in that bright pink top, but which lipstick should you wear? Choose from your palette of cool pinks – raspberry, fuchsia, magenta. All your seasonal pinks will work. The reds and burgundy shades, on the other hand… They’ll argue with your top.     

Are you a Spring? That vibrant red scarf will work brilliantly with any red lipstick from your seasonal palette – bright red, brick red or geranium – but it won’t get on with the pinks and corals.

Don’t forget, the colour family rule only matters when you’re wearing clothing that could be a lipstick shade. Any other colour – say, blue, green or grey – don’t worry. All your seasonal lipsticks will be its best friend.

But hang on… I don’t wear lipstick

Are you a bit nervous about lipstick? Lots of women are. It makes such a big difference to the way you look. The trick, not surprisingly, is to start with the right colours. After that, just wear a small amount every day for 2 weeks. We guarantee that you’ll get used to wearing lipstick – and receiving tons of compliments.

Get going with a wake up your make-up class. You’ll leave with the perfect lipstick colours, plus a make-up routine that can take years off you… in under 2 minutes.

A recipe for success…