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December 2018 News


As 2018 comes to an end, it’s a great time to take stock of what’s changed in your wardrobe since January. Which are the shirts and trousers you can’t get enough of? And what about that skirt right at the back. Yes, that one. Can you remember when you last put it on? If clothes are taking up precious space, they should be paying you rent. And good rent is when you wear them lots and they make you feel fabulous, confident and stylish each time. Here are 3 easy steps to making sure everything you own does exactly that.

1. Amazing colour

First, look at the colours. It’s lovely when you open your wardrobe door and all those different colours make you smile. Your very own rainbow, living in your cupboard, even in dull December! That’s because the first part of your journey with us, your Colour Class revealed all your gorgeous Wow colours. The shades that give you a surge of confidence and save you time and money. And if there’s anything which makes you look pale or tired, check it against your HoC wallet. If it’s not in your Season, it won’t make you feel fabulous… time to say goodbye? Why not give a loved one the gift of colour with a Step 1 Colour Gift Voucher.


2. Incredible Style

Second, find the items that you have bought this year and have worn again and again. You look great in them and people keep coming up and telling you so. They are right for you not just because the colours are perfect. Their shape, cut and textures are too. You know this if you’ve had your Style Class, the second stage of your House of Colour journey, where you got to understand your clothing personality and your body’s proportions. And, like this lovely artisan necklace that I spotted on holiday, they don’t have to cost much to make you look a million dollars. When they are right, they are… right. Click here for our Step 2 Style Gift Voucher.

3. Perfect Make-Up

The third step to loving everything in your wardrobe is having great make-up to go with it. It’s the finishing touch that brings a focal point to everything you wear. And if you’re short of time, a brush of foundation and a quick dab of lipstick is all you need, as you’ll find out when you have your Make-up Class. (And if you’ve already enjoyed these 3 classes, and can’t wait for more, contact your local consultant to discuss the Advanced versions of Colour, Style and Make-up). Click here for our Step 3 Make-up session Gift Voucher.

Go on, you deserve it.

You’ve probably spent most of 2018 rushing around thinking about other people – children, friends, colleagues. Clients tell us that when they invest some time and money on themselves, everyone around them benefits. We call it the ‘halo effect’. When your colours, style and make-up give you a glow of confidence, your energy and smile rubs off on your family. So everyone wins! And it’s all thanks to what is in your wardrobe.


For the guys

Working out your top-performing clothes for 2018 is reassuring, especially for big-ticket items like suits. These shoes were an investment for our Marketing Director Brian, and worth every penny. He’s worn them 100+ times since he got them in 2017. So the cost per wear is small and the impact they make is brilliantly big! Talk to your consultant today about spotting the clothes that give you a great return. Click here for our Colour and Style for men Gift Voucher


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