How to choose your perfect Winter coat

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October 2019 Press release


Are you thinking about buying a new winter coat?

If you haven't started looking yet, now's the time. After all, winter coats are already starting to appear in the shops and you want to find the best one before it sells out - and before the weather turns cold.

A winter coat is a serious investment. This isn't a quick one-season fling, it's a long-term relationship. You'll be wearing this coat more often than anything else in your wardrobe, so it has to work from top to toe.



Where should you start?

Let's start with the most important things your winter coat needs to do:

·         Keep you warm and dry

·         Fit perfectly and be comfortable

·         Work for your lifestyle

·         Look fabulous and make you feel amazing when you wear it


How much should I spend?

Go for the maximum you can afford. If you need to convince yourself about this, think about the cost per wear. Bear in mind that this coat will be the first thing that people notice about you.

Get it right and you're guaranteed to turn heads and feel gorgeous, no matter what the winter weather throws at you.


Trendy or classic?

It's best to avoid high fashion. A bang-on-trend coat may be tempting but the chances are, this time next year it will look a bit... last year. A classic coat never goes out of style and can be brought on-trend with a scarf, brooch, boots or an amazing hat.



What about colour and style?

A neutral tone will always be a good investment while a bright shade will make a statement on a rainy day. Find out your best colours in a colour analysis class, and you will ensure you coat is perfect for you and will go with everything in your wardrobe.


Your coat also needs to be a great fit for your body architecture as well as have a style that reflects who you are on the inside. This is what you discover on a personal style class.


If you have not yet attended a class, then now might be a good time - when making a significant investment, make sure it's a good one.