How to love everything in your wardrobe

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January 2017 News

Perfect wardrobe

Do you open your wardrobe every morniPerfect wardrobeng and sigh with joy? No?

You’re not alone. The fact is, most people wear 15% of their clothes 85% of the time.  The rest just takes up space, crushed into a bundle waiting sadly for its chance to shine.  

Why is this? Well actually, it’s because we may be buying too many clothes. We see something we like and buy it with hardly any planning. This time of year is particularly tempting, when the sales are shouting `Spend, spend, spend!’ all over the place.   

So how can every item in your wardrobe bring you joy… every single day? Here’s how:


What would William Morris do?

There’s a good reason for that question (honest!) It’s because William Morris once said:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

Your wardrobe should follow the same rule. Start by taking a really good look at your clothes and ask yourself two questions:

Is it useful? Is it beautiful?   

Jewellery standUsefulness depends on your lifestyle. It could be work, play, sport, the school run, travel, holidays, socialising or just relaxing – if something is left outside you probably won’t use it so take those items out of your life.

When it comes to beauty, prune your wardrobe in terms of:

  • Colour – This one will be easy if you’ve just come back from your colour class
  • Style – Is it expressing the real you?
  • Quality – Be honest. Is it a bit tired?
  • Fashion - Is it still on-trend or a bit dated?

If the colour has faded you don’t have to jettison it. Dyeing is a great way to refresh clothing - and lighter coloured items can be completely transformed  with a darker shade. 

Some clothes just get worn to death. They’re a great colour, the perfect style  – but they’re past their best. OK, we know it’s hard to let go… But now’s the time to take a deep breath and do it.  

It’s the same with those off-trend items – not to mention the stuff that doesn’t fit any more. They bring back memories and hey, you may fasten that zip one day. Again, take a deep breath… You’ll feel better once they’re out of your life.

Plan your sales strategy

Once you’ve pruned, you’ll spot the gaps in your wardrobe. Those gaps are your sales strategy. Often, you’ll need just one great item – perhaps in a neutral colour – to bring several other things in your wardrobe together.    

When you know what you’re looking for, you’ll pick up some genuine sales bargains. And in February, when the new seasonal trends come in, you’ll be clear about what you need.  

Be creative with new combinations and you could discover amazing new outfits without spending anything. Just wear your favourite items in a different way.    

Need some extra help?

Dressing for your lifestyle isn’t always straightforward. After all, life doesn’t stand still. If you’ve had a major lifestyle change or if it’s been a while since your style class and you need a confidence boost, come along to an advanced style class.   

Your whole wardrobe will be sorted. You’ll smile… every time you open the door.