Sparkling ideas for Christmas party make-up

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November 2016 News

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Can we mention Christmas yet? Well of course we can! Especially when combined with the P-word 'party'. Yes, it’s Christmas party season. The time of year when we can dress up, push the boat out and try something different with make-up.

If you’re not confident about your party make-up, here are a few suggestions.


Good skincare is like preparing the canvas for an artistic masterpiece. Flawless skin gives you the perfect base and guarantees an excellent result. What’s more, that fresh-faced look is bang on trend. Ideally, you’re after a soft, satiny finish and a lit-from-within glow.

OK, it’s winter. Lit from within isn’t so easy to achieve. The key is to use great quality skincare.  Essentially Yours skincare is made from plant extracts, vital oils and essential oils which combined, give you the health benefits you can only find when using natural ingredients.  Try one of their 6 Facial Oils and combine it with their Blending Cream for fantastic moisturisation and skin protected from harsh winter weather.

Skin make-up  

For that naturally radiant look, apply a mineral foundation powder using a circular motion with a kabuki brush. Pop it into your handbag so you can look cool and immaculate even post-dancefloor.

Blusher is light and fresh this season. Depending on your seasonal palette, choose either a pink (summer and winter) or coral tone (spring and autumn) applied to the apple of the cheek. It will bring your face to life. 

Lips or eyes?

This season, lips and eyes aren’t competing for attention. Decide which one you’re going to emphasise for your party look, then you can have some fun trying out some fresh ideas.

For eyes the trend is soft, sultry and smoky… slightly dishevelled even. Once you’re confident with the look, you don’t actually have to be too precise.  

With lips, classic red isn’t going away – and deeper shades have become a key trend. Combined with natural looking skin and eyes, that saturation of rich colour will create a real impact. For perfect lips, start by outlining them with a matching lip pencil. Then fill in the entire area before applying two coats of your chosen lipstick, blotting with tissue paper for a matte finish.

… and for added party sparkle

Try a brush of bronzer along the collar bones. Do the same along the outside of your arms and you’re ready to go.

Enjoy the party!