To Wear or not to Wear Greenery?

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January 2017 News

Pantone greenery

Bulldog wearing greeneryIn complete contrast to last year’s dual colour choice; cool powdery ‘Rose quartz’ and soft blue ‘Serenity’ or the deep Marsala of 2015, Pantone Color Institute, masters of communicating and matching colour since 1963 have announced their Colour of 2017. It is warm and vibrant.

Greenery - Pantone Colour number 15-0343. The Colour of 2017!

A yellow green, characterised as ‘life affirming ‘ , ‘ fresh and zesty ’ , ’ bursting forth in 2017 to provide us with the hope we collectively yearn for’ and ‘ viewed as providing a sense of calm and serving as a reminder to return to nature.’

 Wow!  Greenery has a lot to live up to!

It will soon abound in design and décor. But how to wear it? Should we wear it? Will this on trend hue beautify us or rather signify a desire to play football for Brazil’s national team or perhaps even that we are still keenly sporting our Peter Pan Christmas Panto costume? Is it best to play safe and keep it for flower arrangements?

If you’ve been colour analysed it’s oh so simple! Autumns and Springs look hot in this warm colour related to their Grass, Lime, Kerry and Leaf Greens so might wear a top or just a splash such as a scarf, belt, tie, gloves or patterns.  As an Autumn I’m revisiting my Grass Green Zara courts to compliment neutral coloured clothes.  Pantone’s 2017 choice made me resolve not to OD on Christmas pudding so I would dare to Green tartansstep out in my bright LGD, now rivalling my Brick LRD when in party mood ! Worn with neutral -  Chocolate or Navy  - tights and shoes for sensible colour balance . My Lime bracelet and necklace will provide good contrast - unusual and fun against the bluer end of Autumn - Peacock, Kingfisher or Navy but in truth popping with most parts of the Autumn or Spring palettes. It’ll be exciting to have a change from my go to Sage eye pencil and lighten up with Mint Delight. Don’t panic, I won’t go OTT, I’ll wear Dark Brown eye pencil with the LGD, I promise!

But how about you Winters and Summers? Don’t feel left out in the cold or worse, green with envy during 2017. It’s fantastic to know to avoid this yellow green trend which is unflattering both to your skin tones and wardrobe. There are many delicious blue green variants for you cool customers – glowing, jewel like Emeralds and Jades or the deeper Pines and Sea Greens.

To see a variety of greens classified to flatter women of all seasons and regularly updated, do check out Kettlewellcolours.

Fiona InghamBy the way, Winters and Summers, if you find something patterned that you love with a tiny amount of this yellow green, go for it, just as I revel in the rule breaking splash of fuchsia in a largely autumnal dress! 

Will Pantone 2018’s choice revert to coolness, or will the future be warm and bright? Exciting! Watch this space!

Guest blog by Fiona Ingham stylist for Borough of Camden/Chalk Farm/Hampstead, 0207 722 1984 - visit Fiona's web page for more information.

Guest blog by Lynn Ainsley stylist for Watford, Bushey and Croxley Green, 01923 211188 - visit Lynn's web page for more information - See more at:
Guest blog by Lynn Ainsley stylist for Watford, Bushey and Croxley Green, 01923 211188 - visit Lynn's web page for more information - See more at: