Classic Blue - Pantone Colour of 2020

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December 2019 Press release

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The American colour forecasting company Pantone, after testing the zeitgeist, observing catwalk and Instagram trends, movies, fashions in travel , political movements, new tech, plus, well, almost anything you can think of, has decided the colour to herald in the new decade is Classic Blue!

Colour forecasting ensures that manufacturers can forward plan for décor and fashion. Although perhaps a self -fulfilling prophesy the predictions do work. But Pantone grabs the limelight other forecasters also predict. Currently Dulux backs Tranquil Dawn, a hazy pale grey green or WGSN nails Neo - Mint a soft light green.

Blue, the most loved colour worldwide, was Pantone’s very first Colour of the Year in 2000, welcoming in the new century with Cerulean Blue.  Blues are reputed to evoke calm in times of turbulence and change, signifying reassurance, confidence, restraint and tradition. Think the rich blue early evening sky before it darkens to Dior's midnight and you've got Classic Blue!

But back down to earth. How will we work this hue into our wardrobes?

Lots of fun will be (literally) in store for Springs as Classic Blue sits between Bright Blue and Navy and works with everything except their browns. Blue Springs will excel in this hue.

It’s delightful for Summers, close to Delph (Delft) and Cornflower, teamed with reds, greens or pinks, or blended in a chic monochrome look with other blues.

Classic Blue sits close to Autumn’s Heliotrope, so Blue Autumns will wear it well. I’m not a Blue Autumn, my rating on this colour is mediocre, it rather washes me out, so I won’t be tempted. How informative is our detailed rating! I’ll stick with the fab spice rack, military greens and warm reds that will also flood the shops.  

Winters, great news for you, as brighter versions related to Royal and Cobalt Blues will give wonderful opportunities for contrast with all your neutrals and colours.

If your Colour Analysis was some years ago your rating through your season might have changed so perhaps consider the inspiring Colour Review before shopping

Most male clients like this colour, so if they rate well in it, a sweater or scarf could be a welcome gift.

Colourful jewellery can offer a splash of this colour, so perhaps check out the strategic alliances, using your client code for discount.

Don’t forget the finishing touch, a great lipstick! Luckily any of your 3 Points of Red  (see blog for information) will work with Classic Blue.


Written by Fiona Ingham (consultant for Camden, Chalk Farm, Hampstead)
Instagram @houseofcolourfionaingham