My Shopping Trip - By Jane Brook

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June 2015 News


My Shopping Trip - By Jane Brook (Worcester/Droitwich)

"I've been a House of Colour Consultant for almost three years now, I know my best colours and I know what shapes and styles suit me but I had started to feel a bit stuck in a rut. I've been trying to lose a bit of weight for a couple of years and so I'd put off investing too heavily in my wardrobe until I had reached my goal. I know all the theory and I am good at walking the talk but it's hard for all of us to be objective – yes even House of Colour consultants – we're human too you know!

I thought about what I would advise my clients to do, and I booked myself a shopping trip with another House of Colour consultant to push myself out of my comfort zone. After all that's where the magic happens!

I can see now why my clients love shopping trips so much, two and a half hours devoted completely to me! No friend nipping off to grab something that had caught her eye, no partner tutting under his breath at how long I was in the changing room and no mum asking me how much each item is and when I will wear it. Instead I got Helen's undivided attention and advice. She even carried all my bags for me!

The whole experience was fantastic. We started with a coffee to discuss what I wanted – a plan is essential. I know from personal experience that if I shop for food without a list, I come back with wine and doritos for tea so I knew it was important to get clear what I wanted from the trip.

Once we had our plan, we were off. Helen got me to try on lots of different styles and fabrics. Most were fabulous but some didn't work and Helen was able to explain exactly why not so I could avoid those mistakes in the future. Having that expert who could look at me objectively was a brilliant help in taking away the emotion from the buying decision.

I came away with the most wonderful clothes that make me feel amazing every time I wear them and the weight has started to move without me even trying. Helen gave me the confidence to invest in those vital core items that raised the level of my whole wardrobe. I have received so many compliments wearing my new clothes and I have also seen bookings for my classes rise too. Win win!

On top of all of that, we also had great fun and we did chuckle at the number of sales assistants who told me how good I looked in my colours and how well they went with my hair. That is no accident!

Can I book you again for September please Helen? I now regard a personal shopping trip as an essential part of my wardrobe management, even as an experienced consultant with House of Colour."