Are you making the most of your make-up?

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April 2019 News


Make-up is Step 3 in our 3 step journey of colour, style and make-up.


When you had your colours done, your consultant will have chosen for you a make-up look in your seasonal palette including a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, a blusher that gives you a lovely natural-looking glow as well as three lipsticks in your colours.


For many clients, taking this information on board and wearing their make-up is the thing that has made the biggest difference to how they feel about themselves and how they are seen by others. Are you getting the full benefit from your make-up or would you like some more help from your local consultant?


Here are some tips to help you make the most of your make-up.



Start by sorting your make-up bag


  • Check each item for colour: all your make-up needs to be in your seasonal colour palette to make you look and feel amazing because these colours will harmonise with your skin tone.
  • Remove any rogue colours: these can make you look dull or washed out or worse, harsh and garish.
  • Remove any items that are out of date or looking a bit tired
  • Review what's missing: for an easy outdoor make-up look you need a foundation, a blusher, 1 (of 3) lipsticks and a mascara. Do you have all of these? 
  • Check your lipsticks: Do you have all 3 of your points of red? Having these means you will always have a lipstick to go with whatever you are wearing from your colour palette.
  • Check your brushes: do they still do the job you need them to? They may need a good clean (warm water and liquid soap or shampoo work really well), reshape them whilst damp and let them dry naturally. Or do they need replacing? Your make-up will be easier to apply with a brush that is in good condition. 
  • Make a list of what you need to purchase: Contact your local consultant if you would like any help with this. 


Then take your make-up to the next level



If you have not yet completed step 3 of our 3 step programme (or it's been a while since you did) then now may be the time to book your next session. Click here to find your local consultant here.


Step 3 Make-Up


There are two parts to this session to ensure your look is the best it can be.



1. Beautiful skin


In the first part of the class your consultant introduces you to our fantastic range of skin care products: Natural Elements by Essentially Yours. These products have been ethically developed in the UK and are free from parabens, petro-chemicals, alcohol and perfume. They are made from vital and essential oils and contain vitamins and minerals to nourish and replenish your skin as well as reduce the signs of ageing.


Your consultant can help you create a simple skin care routine that fits with your lifestyle and that leaves your skin healthy and glowing and provides a great canvas for all your make up looks.



2. Perfect make-up

In the second part of the class your consultant will show you tools and simple techniques you can use everyday to create your look. Using the fabulous House of Colour make-up range in your colour palette, demonstrating how to take your look from natural, to daytime or professional through to nights out and special occasions – whatever these may be for you.


Applying eye make-up is usually the trickiest part to any make up routine. In this session your consultant will show how to do this in a way that enhances and makes the most of your natural eye-shape and is easy to recreate when you get home.


Your consultant can also help you if you feel you have lost your way a bit with your make-up as you've got older. No one wants to feel overly made up, but we do need our make-up a little bit more as we age so we don't appear washed out or faded. We don't actually need more make-up though, we just need a few little tricks and tips on how to apply it in a way that works!


Please contact your local consultant if you would like to book this session as the next step in your journey. The session is approximately 2.5 hours and is priced at £60.00. You are welcome to book this session even if you have not completed step 2 Style first



For the guys


You are welcome to join your consultant for a skincare session - all our skincare products are unisex as well as a range specifically for men. The oils are great for shaving!


Or you may want to make your next step a shopping trip. This is a great way to start or add to your capsule wardrobe.


Contact your local consultant to find out more