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September 2015 News


So I'll start at the beginning and with a confession: I am your classic tricky customer. It's true.  Eight years ago I had a colour consultation  (Bear with me on this, there is a happy House of Colour ending).
It was soon after my daughter was born. I felt, and looked, washed out. My colour spectrum ranged from the off-white of mother's milk and posset to the tired grey of re-useable nappies.  Then I entered a rainbow world. I really enjoyed the hour and a half of 'me' time and have been using the colour card happily since then. (From memory I was declared to be soft and deep, which I'd assumed made me an 'Autumn'). 

So why would I want to do it again? And why would I even glance twice at a make-up class when I never used mascara, foundation or lipstick. (Told you I was a bit grey around the gills).

So when Diana, with a 30 year corporate career behind her, acknowledges that the neutral jackets make her look 'really formal and really unapproachable', with people declaring that she looks like 'a nun in a convent', it's disarmingly engaging. And when Helen, the MD of the company describes how shaky she was after her first House of Colour session; how she had 'this orange lipstick on, felt like Mick Jagger' and ran down the road with her hand over her face thinking 'I can't do this. I can't do this', you're immediately drawn to her as a fellow human being. She might look stunning now, but she really does know what it's like to feel unnerved or under-confident. Thank goodness for that. I feel better already. Crucially, I want to book a class, and for the record, I did just that. I booked two sessions in one go: Colour and Make-up 
Love being a jewel winter.... Thank you House of Colour.