From Met Police to Personal Stylist - Judi's Story

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October 2015 News

Personal stylist Judi Prue

"My purpose as a Personal Stylist is watching the transformation of somebody.  That’s so powerful.  It’s the most powerful thing I think I can do for someone.  And they see it.  It’s imparting that possibility.  It’s showing how just a few tweaks can make such a huge difference to someone.”
Judi had a successful and enjoyable career at the Metropolitan Police and the National Crime Agency.  A fashion parade at her children’s school changed all that. “This is going to sound really cheesy, but when I joined House of Colour, I felt that I was in a family.  I felt I’d come home.”

Judi’s story
“I first had my colours done in my early 20s, at an adult educational thing.  So it was always on my radar.  I was ‘misdiagnosed’ by an independent colour therapist to be an ‘autumn’.  I’m actually a ‘spring’.  Then I pursued a career. I had a public relations role with the police.  I had my first son eleven years ago and my daughter eight years ago.

I had the chance to take a five year career break. My daughter was three at the time.  I was kind of coming out of that, ‘I don’t know who I am / I’m just Mum / I’ve lost my identity / I don’t know what to wear’ phase. I was starting to go towards the sweat pants, which so isn’t me!

“I was doing a fashion show for the school where my  children were.  And a colour analysist came along to chat about  colour.  I didn’t see her because I was part of the fashion parade.  But a girlfriend booked up with her and had her colours done.  I remember seeing her at an event a couple of days later and thinking, ‘Wow!’  I couldn’t take my  eyes off her.  It was so simple, the changes she made, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off her.  I thought, ‘I want a bit of that.  I need it!’.

Take the plunge

“So I went to see a House of Colour personal stylist.  It was that door opening moment for me.  I thought, ‘This is what I want to do’.”
Judi couldn’t start immediately because she was on a career break.  
“I needed to go back to London and see whether my job would work with the family and everything.  It didn’t.  And I thought, ‘This is it.  This is my time’.  
“It’s quite an investment.  It was something I did think long and hard about. 
But I said,  ‘Do you know what?  This is so what I want to do’.  I could fit it round my home life.  I could take the kids to school.  I’m there to pick them up.  But also, in between, I’m putting value on who I am, doing a job.  My kids see I’m doing a job.  My children love what I do.

“It was an eye-opening moment to say, ‘Yes, this is   what I can do’. It was a new phase of my life. And I’ve not looked back. ”

We’re here for you 
“First I had my colour analysis in training, then my style training a couple of months later.  And I have to say that the two week colour and two week style course training are absolutely second to none.  They’re so thorough. When we felt we couldn’t do it at certain pints, House of Colour were so motivational.  I left my style training thinking, ‘I can really do this’. “But it wasn’t just there and then. It wasn’t just,  ‘We’ve taken your money and given you a bit of training, off you go’.    It’s ongoing support.  I am currently on a webinar training course which runs for a year, once a month, which is all free. “We also learn about things like marketing and stocks and profits.  When I do webinars it’s with other House of Colour Stylists.  So we’re sharing lots of ideas and helping to grow our personal businesses."

“I can remember at my first day of training at colour class, the directors were asking how we were feeling.  This is going to sound really cheesy!  I said to them that I felt I had come home.  I felt that I was in a family. ‘I  feel like I’m honouring who I am’
“When my daughter was three I was that person who would go into a social situation and no-one would remember me, because I was so insignificant.  That was to do with how I was feeling about myself.  I’m a bigger girl and all that sort of thing."
“In those five or six years since I’ve had my colour done that has totally changed.  Partly because I discovered that all those years ago I’d been told I was an ‘autumn’, which is muted colours.   So as a ‘spring’ I’m much brighter. When I got my spring colours I thought, ‘Yes, this is me.  This is me’.

Once Judi had discovered colour analysis she then did steps two and three, style and make-up.   The style class was really uplifting:  “Being a bigger girl, it gave me the understanding of why I dress like I do. For example, I’ve always been complimented on the way I accessorise.  For me, it’s like putting a pair of knickers on.  If I don’t have my make-up on, if I don’t have my jewellery on and my sparkle, I’m not dressed.  And because I’m what House of Colour calls ‘Romantic Classic’, I need the bling.  So it gave me that understanding, and almost permission if you like, to dress like I did.  It’s understanding who I am and honouring my personality and my shape, with the style.”

How far you’ve come 
“Five or six years ago when I first had my colours done, I’d never have thought I’d be in this position, running my own business and going out and delivering talks.  I would have said, ‘No, that’s not me’.
“I’ve learned so much and I think the main thing is I’m much more confident. I’ve discovered I’m a real people person.  I used to be able to stand up in the Met and PR profession and deliver media training to police officers.  But it’s a different type of onfidence.  It’s like emerging from the corner of a room. 
Now there’s something about me worth remembering!
“So I think this whole process, if nothing else, has made me want to stand up and broaden my shoulders.   And I haven’t looked back.  I am so passionate about it.  It works.  It so works.  I just want to go and spread the word.”
Thinking about a change in direction?  We’ve all been there and we’d love to help. 

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