Meryl's Story

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July 2015 News


Meryl’s story

I recently received the following emails from my client Meryl:-

This email is long overdue. I have been wanting for some time to give you a bit of feedback on the Colour Analysis experience that  you delivered for me a couple of years ago. While the company that I was working for was based on the Croxley Business Park,  you offered a series of short sessions about Colour and Image which I found very beneficial and I was later able to spend a Saturday in one of your workshops.  The morning went quickly and I found your presentation engaging and thought provoking.

I found the experience enlightening, if a bit overwhelming and remember arriving back home with my little wallet and new make-up and staring into my wardrobe and wondering how on earth I would ever be able to remember all this stuff, what would I wear now and was it all worth it?

Well, 18 months later, my wardrobe has been transformed but more importantly, I cannot believe how much more confident I feel about myself.  I was never over fussed about my personal wardrobe and outfits, and dressed, in retrospect, a bit haphazardly in whatever the shops were selling as the ‘thing’ at the time without any understanding of whether it suited me or not. Now, even on a bad day, I know that I am looking at my best (even if I am not feeling at my best at the time) and am now quite familiar with receiving compliments about how good I look. I run my own business, something I would not have had the confidence to do in the past and no longer feel intimidated amongst my peers.

Thank you very much for making this possible for me.’

Of course I thanked Meryl and asked if I could use her story in our blog and whether she had any before and after pics.

Her response:

‘I am pleased for you to use my experience if it is at all helpful – I have found what I have learned so beneficial I would be more than happy to see others go through the same journey!

When I saw your request for photos, I thought ‘of course, happy to help’ and then went hunting for pictures… and learned something more about myself. Prior to my HoC experience whenever I was photographed I managed to ensure that I was behind, below or hidden away in the picture… I did not even realise I did that until I compared it with my current photos – while still not the most camera confident person there are definitely more photos of me now than before… Thanks again!’

What I love about these 2 before and after pictures is that you can really see what Meryl describes about her confidence growing and that’s what we’re all about at House of Colour – Unlocking the potential of human confidence.

Thanks for sharing your story Meryl.