Men, here’s the formula for looking good.

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June 2017 News

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Guest blog by Lynn Ainsley stylist for Watford, Bushey and Croxley Green, 01923 211188 - visit Lynn's web page for more information - See more at:

OK, be honest. Do either of these clothes shopping scenarios sound familiar?

  • The hunter – Runs into a shop, grabs something to wear, gets out as fast as possible.
  • The gatherer – Sees something in the first shop, looks at six alternatives, goes back and buys the first one.

Clothes shopping… It probably doesn’t appear on your Top 10 Fun Things To Do List. You want to look good, but why spend hours faffing about in shops getting stressed? Quite frankly, there are better things to do.

But imagine having a formula, a toolkit for looking great. Would you use it? Yes, of course you would. It makes shopping so much easier. Well, here it is:

Colour analysis… The formula bit

Our stylists talk about colour seasons – spring and autumn (warm tones), winter and summer (cool tones). Why do we do this? It’s because of our subcutaneous fat cells – yours are either slightly yellow or slightly blue. If they’re yellow, for example, but you wear cool-toned colours… Well, you’ll look like you’ve woken up with a bad hangover. 

It’s probably easier if we show you. Here’s Mike at our men’s colour and style class, he looks clearer, fresher, brighter and carries more authority in his Winter neutrals.

After the class, you get the toolkit - a colour swatch wallet that you can take with you next time you go shopping. Head straight to the colours that suit you, ignore the ones that don’t. You understand which colours go together. If you wear glasses, you’ll know the frame colour to go for. Choosing a tie becomes so easy.

Basically, you save time and money. You don’t have to feel anxious about shopping any more, or keep buying the same thing over and over. Also… you look more attractive, get noticed for the right reasons and receive tons of compliments. Just saying.



Your Style

Male style used to be easy. You wore a suit and tie – and for less formal occasions you ditched the tie. Nowadays, it’s got really complicated. And as for smart-casual… Fear and horror. 

But like colour, once you have a structure - the styles that feel right, the ones to avoid – then you can head straight for the stuff that suits you. You could be dressing for a new job, getting out there again after a relationship break-up, negotiating the smart-casual conundrum, we can help you out with all of those – and you’ll have a guaranteed, replicable formula for looking good.

(Pictured right > Client Mike in the wrong and right colours and style)

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Guest blog by Lynn Ainsley stylist for Watford, Bushey and Croxley Green, 01923 211188 - visit Lynn's web page for more information - See more at: