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June 2017 News

Men's casual style

Need a gift idea for the man in your life? Here’s a really good one…

How does the man in your life feel about clothes shopping? To be fair, some guys really love it. No, honestly! They really do.

But most men would rather pull out their own teeth with a pair of pliers.  

It’s not because men dislike clothes. Put them in the right colour, a style that flatters and you’ll see them stand that little bit taller. They do that funny strut thing… you know the one. That thing men do when they look in the mirror and think `Looking Good!’  

As stylists, we LOVE it when men do that. It means they look and feel confident. So if you’ve a man in your life who needs a `Looking Good!’ moment – friend, son, partner – then get in touch with your nearest stylist.

Men and the colour conundrum

Most men aren’t confident about colour. Look in the average bloke’s wardrobe and what do you see? Blue shirts, blue checked shirts, black T shirts, grey T-shirts that used to be black… more blue shirts.

Now, we have to be honest. At a boys’ night in the pub guys don’t say `Mate, I’m worried about all these blue shirts’. But when a man knows he can look incredible, he will. Give him a formula for looking good and he’ll use it.  Once he has the rules for easy clothes shopping, he’ll follow them for life.   

There’s no reason why men can’t feel as relaxed and confident about colour as you do. Give yours a helpful nudge with a men's colour analysis class. He’ll be eternally grateful.


(Pictured right > Client Jason before and after discovering his Autumn wow colours).

What about using your colours for work?


Different parts of our season can also effect the messages we send in business wear for example. Here is our Marketing Director, Brian, in two parts of the Autumn palette. On the left he is in the yellower part of Autumn looking very warm and approachable, on the right he is in the blue end of Autumn and presents a look of authority.




Men and the style struggle

If there’s one phrase that strikes fear and horror into the hearts of men it’s this one:

Smart-casual.Client Rhys in a smart casual look

They tend to go one of two possible ways. The overly formal – basically a work look, but without the tie. Or they take `casual’ and run with it to a place that only their mother could love – baggy cargo shorts and a 1980s band tour T-shirt. And possibly flip flops. 

OK, the smart-casual look is more difficult to pull off. But with summer coming, it’s going to be everywhere.

On the men’s style class we teach him the style toolkit and how to apply it to his wardrobe. Here’s  a top top tip for him - pay attention to the neck area and the what he wears on his feet and know that quality throughout the outfit will speak louder about how he is perceived than words.

But whether it is smart casual or not the style needs to be his style, this is what will make him feel amazing in his clothes and make shopping so much easier for him.

If you know someone who could benefit from learning about style and colour in one day, find out about a men’s colour and style package. Men love this class because it gives them the complete formula for looking good. They don’t waste time in shops any more… buying blue shirts. 

(Pictured right > Client Rhys in a smart casual look).