Forget the LBD it's all about the "Me" Dress this party season

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December 2016 News

Party dress

Tempted by the little black dress? In the run-up to Christmas the famous LBD, with added sparkles, is everywhere. But hey, what’s wrong with getting carried away on a wave of LBD sparkliness? It works for everyone, right?
Well, no. For lots of us, there are two problems with the little black dress. The first is “little” and the second is - yep, you’ve guessed it… black.  

So let’s forget about the LBD. Here’s how to find the “me” dress.

The little (not) black dress

Let’s start with colour. Because a dress goes head to foot (or knee, perhaps) you’re after the colour that shouts “wow!” the loudest. That probably isn’t black.  

You'll absolutely adore this colour. You'll be in that changing room thinking "I need to go out in this. Right now!" In fact, if you're not tempted to ring your partner or friends demanding an immediate night out ... OK, that's a bit impractical. But you get the idea.      

What about style?

The “me” dress doesn’t have to be little… or, actually, a dress. If this isn’t part of your natural clothing personality, don’t force it.  Go for a trouser and jacket combo instead, or even the perfect “me” jumpsuit.

It all starts with your clothing personality. Not sure about yours? You’ve already discovered what happens with your best colours. Book yourself into a style class and it gets even better. Which one of these sounds like you?

Romantics won’t hold back on the glitter, cleavage or bling. That glamorous sexy look really works for you.

Ingenues will love feminine and dressy, along with being intriguingly discreet. The lace illusion is brilliant for this. A short length with lace over-hem will feel seductively sexy but not over-exposed.  

Gamines are funky, fun and contemporary. You can suit a short length, but don’t rule out trousers and a tunic teamed with the latest accessories. Just avoid too much fabric or you may look drowned – keep it chic!

Naturals need movement and texture, something that swirls. Make the most of scarves or stoles, and have a bit of a wiggle in the changing room to make sure there’s enough movement in the fabric.  

Classics love the elegant and classy dress. It’ll be the right length for the occasion – in a double-star colour – and very high quality. As a classic, you’ll be thinking cost per wear as well as sophistication.

Dramatics will be after striking, bold and powerful. The current trends for asymmetry and block colours will do you lots of favours.   

Not just for Christmas…  

Who can afford clothes that get worn once a year? You’ll love this outfit, so go ahead and wear it all year round. Dress it up or down with scarves, jewellery, bags and shoes to adapt the look to the occasion.  

Fancy shopping with an expert? Treat yourself to a pre-Christmas personal shopping trip and you’re guaranteed to find that totally “you” look. Just remember to warn your partner about that phone call…