Creating a make-up capsule wardrobe

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April 2020 News

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Being stuck indoors will be pretty hard for most of us. There are only so many hours we can spend catching up on box sets and cleaning the house before even the most introverted of us will start to get a little stir crazy. So in the interest of stopping you doing "zoomies" around the house or sinking deep into the couch, I thought I'd make some "House of Colour style" suggestions to help you fill your time.

´╗┐Seriously though, a great way to reduce anxiety and feel more positive is to do something useful and achieve a goal or two.

It helps to think of your make-up as a capsule, the same as your wardrobe. Items in your season will not only look fabulous on you but also mix and match with each other easily. So check what you have. What you personally need will depend on you and your lifestyle.

However here's a list of what you might like to include:

Foundation - perfectly matched to your skintone (this could be a Dual Compact or liquid or both). Smooth on a little of our Revelation Primer before applying for a perfect finish. 

Blusher - in your season which is matched at your colour consultation. This will provide some colour in your cheeks and add dimension to your face.

3 lipsticks in your 3 points of red - this is a link to a blog if you are not sure which ones are yours. You can have more than 3 obviously.

Mascara - black for winters, brown for all other seasons. Have you tried our Duo Mascara that includes a lash primer?

Eyeshadows - 3 or more including a base colour close your natural skin colour, a lighter and a darker one - let me know if you need help choosing. Alternatively, our seasonal shadow compacts have been put together with this in mind.

Eye pencils - great for adding definition, any colours in your season will work but if you just want one, select a medium/dark neutral - it will go with all your eyeshadows.

A set of brushes - to apply it all. You'll need a Kabuki to apply dry foundation and various brushes for eyemake up and blusher.

If you are making any purchases, remember to use your client code for 30% off in the webshop. We also still have free p&p on all orders over £40, so why not treat yourself!

House of Colour consultants are here to help you continue to put your best foot forward in these unsettling times. Contact your local consultant to see how their services have been modified to accommodate social distancing measures.