Accessories: little things that give you a big boost, every day.

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August 2018 News


Look wonderful with accessories, whatever the weather. 

The summer heatwave is a reminder of how useful accessories are. A statement necklace or sunglasses make all the difference to the simplest sundress and still keep you cool. And now the weather has broken, a fabulous brolly or wellies will make you feel much brighter, however heavy the rain. 


That’s the thing with accessories: they aren’t just about formal jewellery or special occasions. That belt/scarf/bangle/hair slide/shoe buckle/ will put a beautiful finishing touch to everything you wear, whether you’re collecting the kids from a play date or popping out to buy milk. The trick is to find the right extras that suit your clothing personality perfectly, so you always feel fantastic. That’s where your Style Class comes in.  To give you a taste of what you’ll discover, here’s our mini guide on why accessories are so brilliant and tips on how to find the perfect one’s for you.


Know what you really like

Are you drawn to sparkle or shine? Or things that are textured or well proportioned and smooth? You’ll save time and money if you know exactly what works for your body shape and makes you feel great. Some people want more bling to look amazing. Others prefer a simpler, pared-back look. Your Style Class will show you where your personality sits on that spectrum.

The same goes for the size of your accessories, from belt buckles to jewellery beads. ‘Chunky’ for you might be ‘delicate’ for your friend. Once you realise this, shopping becomes so much easier and more successful. 


Highlight the bits you love

Accessories are brilliant at drawing the eye to where we want it to go and away from the bits that we are not so fond of.  Often we want other people to focus on what we call the ‘communication triangle’, the area around the face. 

Enter beautiful glasses, earrings and necklaces. But there might be times when you want to shift attention elsewhere, with a gorgeous belt or a pair of shoes in a wow colour. Little touches in the right places create visual proportion and balance – and make you feel fantastic. 

Love the way you look, all the time

Accessories will transform any outfit and take it from day to evening. So if you’re dropping off the children (or grandchildren) to go somewhere special, and don’t have time to change, just add a stunning scarf, necklace or belt. Hello to instant loveliness. 

And if you ever worry that you’ve overdone it, with too many necklaces / bracelets / earrings, worry no more. When you know your clothing personality you’ll know how much of a good thing is still good and what’s in your unique Accessory Capsule Wardrobe. Just contact your local consultant for help on putting an accessory capsule wardrobe together.

If you’ve done your Style already and want inspiration on how to make the most of the accessories you have, call your local consultant for a wardrobe review. And if you want to top up for the autumn, why not take them with you on your next shopping trip


Men's corner

Of course all these great tips apply to the men in your life – partners, dads, sons. At their Men’s Style Class, they’ll discover which types of hats, belts, watches and scarves bring their clothing personality to life. And, like you, they’ll realise that little things make all the difference.


The summer heatwave is a reminder of how useful accessories are. A statement necklace or sunglasses make all the difference to the simplest sundress and still keep you cool.