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June 2018 News

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Lisa recently visited Maria Macklin (House of Colour consultant for Monaghan/ Louth Ireland) for her Colour and Style class, and said this about her experience...

"I first had my Colour Analysis and then recently had my Style Development class. Before, my wardrobe was packed full of black and navy clothes, mostly ill-fitting. As a working mother, I tended to throw bargain and sale clothes into the shopping trolley in the supermarket. Once or twice a year I would go shopping for clothes and usually didn't even know where to start. So I would invariably start in a cafe ... and return home deflated and exhausted.

My wardrobes (main and overflow) were so full I couldn't see what I had so I wore the same things all the time as they came out of the wash. The Style Development class is so much more than it says on the tin. It's a full day of personal and holistic assessment of my current wardrobe, my body shape and my personality, culminating in a personalised catalogue of the clothes and styles that reflect who I am. The accompanying book covered every detail: styles, textures, fabrics, accessories, shapes, trends and more.

What I loved most about it is that it made sense and resonated with the kinds of clothes I like to wear and backed up my long-held beliefs about clothes I didn't like to wear, but often did because someone else said I should. I have been building my capsule wardrobe and still have about 4 items left to get but I know exactly what they are, the shape, style and colour, so I know what to look out for.

Shopping for clothes is now quicker and much more enjoyable. My clothes now fit easily into one wardrobe and I can flick the hangers across and see everything that's there. Best of all, this is going to save me an absolute fortune. No more wasting money on clothes that don't fit, don't suit, won't wear well, won't last, or that make a poor first impression when I meet people.

I strongly recommend that everyone undertakes this journey with House of Colour and the sooner the better to save time and money, to ensure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion and most importantly that you are dressed to reflect you."

If you, like Lisa, would like to find out what colours and styles suit you, visit our Colour and Style Class information pages, and contact your local consultant to start decluttering your wardrobe today!