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February 2017 News


I first met Elaine in December 2013 for a colour analysis session. I had just started working for a company in an office role and my standard work outfits were all black. The colour session completely changed the way I thought about colour and I realised I was not doing myself justice with my black wardrobe. My eyes were opened wide to the alien world of makeup and I realised this was the change I needed.

Back for style

It didn’t take long before I was back with Elaine completing the style class, going through my wardrobe and realising I had lost all sense of identity. In my mid 30’s, I realised I was trying to figure out who I had now become, I was no longer the size 8 surfer chick from my 20s but I couldn’t work my wardrobe to represent the more gown-up size 10/12 woman I had become. Elaine really helped me think hard about who I was and how I needed to ensure the way I dressed would reflect it.

Shopping trips

I hate shopping! But shopping with Elaine is a joy to behold. She saves me hours and I’m sure hundreds of pounds by making sure I only try and buy clothes the right shape and colour for me. Elaine helps me with everything… clothes for work, play and party. Even PJs because, yes, I want to feel great when I’m sat in front of the TV! Bags, tights, shoes, specs and jewellery. The best bit… When I get home, all my clothes work together so no thought process is needed in a morning. I just open my wardrobe and I know whatever I choose will look and feel great!

Confidence at work

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘dress for the job you want’, well Elaine certainly helped me to do this and my new wardrobe at work made clients, colleagues and managers alike notice me for all the right reasons. This, teamed with my new found confidence (and a bit of hard work), has over the last 3 years helped my career to grow from strength to strength. I have recently landed a promotion giving me a 40% salary increase and putting me face to face with some of my companies’ biggest clients.

I can’t thank Elaine enough and will continue to use and recommend her services.

Elaine Gill is the stylist for Harrogate/Otley/North Leeds, please visit Elaine's web page for more information.