Jeans and a Nice Top

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December 2018 News


      "Jeans and a nice top” has become a widely used phrase when friends ask each other what they will be wearing when going out, whether it’s to the cinema, dinner or a night out on the town!  This smart casual look can look effortless and stylish if put together in the right way. But how do you get the look right for you so that you don’t end up just looking like you just came from food shopping or walking the dog?

Let’s start with jeans

Which denim is for you?

Jeans come in a huge array of colours from all parts of the colour wheel, but if you would like a traditional “blue” denim look then getting the perfect shade for your season takes some thought.

A good place to start is the navy from your season and then look at any other blues in your swatch book. All the seasons have a navy but they vary in shade a lot.

Autumns, your navy is warm with a touch of yellow in the colour giving it a slightly more “petrol” appearance.

Winters, you have the darkest navy, tending towards midnight and indigo; also try royal blue or even ice blue as great alternatives.

Springs, your navy is bright and clear; don’t go too dark or too light, mid tones are great for you – look out too for your bright or Oxford blues for some further options.

Summers, you have it easy, since most traditional denim colours sit in your palette, including all the stonewash and faded looks right through to French navy.


Traditional denim colours are too muted and cool for any other season than Summer, stick to your best denim colours and you’ll find your jeans will go with the rest of your tops and knitwear perfectly.


What about shape and style?

The shape of jeans available on the high street has altered over the last year or so to include high rise flares and wide legs in full and crop lengths, as well as the straight and skinny styles we are all use to. A “going out” outfit is a great opportunity to try some of the more unusual cuts.

A pair of smart “going out” jeans makes a great versatile addition to your wardrobe, so find some that really represents who you are. In a style consultation you discover your clothing personality to make sure the character of your clothes present you in an authentic way. This character applies to your jeans too. For example, someone with “natural” in their clothing personality will be able to carry off the distressed and “boyfriend” looks really well. “Romantics” can go for the looks with embellishments such as appliqué, embroidery and sparkle. Whereas “classics” need to avoid these styles and go for well cut expensive looking jeans and still work hard on the rest of the outfit to avoid looking too casual or messy. Sometimes just adding a belt in one of your “wow” colours with a buckle in your metal, that captures your clothing personality really well, will make all the difference to your outfit whatever style of jeans you opt for.                    


What about that great top?

Here’s where you can get even more creative and include all the extra details that bring your style and you to life!

If you want to look your very best on a night out, start by choosing a top in one of your “wow” or “double-star” colours. There are some great tops on the high street at the moment with unusual sleeves and necklines and in prints such as animal, plaids and stripes. When choosing a top, also think about the shape of the jeans it is to go with - e.g. the new high-waisted wide-leg jeans look great with a more structured top tucked in, so that you can see the whole shape of the jeans. An unstructured or floaty top with wide jeans can give a bit of a bulky look so be careful! A more simply styled or block colour top can be made ready for a night out by adding a statement necklace, fantastic earrings or a beautifully tied scarf to draw eyes where you want them to go – just make sure they are in your colours and style and you will be good to go.

If you would like to take the effort out of putting your perfect “jeans and a nice top” together, so that you look wonderful on a night, contact your local consultant for help. If you would like some assistance with colour, style or shopping for your look, contact your local consultant.


For the guys

Men's jeans can be a tricky one to get right; colour, shape and style are just as important for you as they are for women. A really good casual shirt in the perfect colour and style, teamed with a well fitting pair of jeans is a perfect look for an evening out with friends.

Remember that a great pair of casual shoes or boots will complete the look.

A colour and style class will give you all the information you need to make a successful purchase. Already done colour and style? Then a shopping trip with your local consultant will give you the help you need.

Contact your local consultant to find out more.