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March 2017 News


My House of Colour experience started 2 years ago, not long after I'd had my second baby. I had been a full time mum for 2 years already and my wardrobe consisted of jeans, tee shirts and cardigans. I would often find myself staring at an open wardrobe, stuffed with clothes and think 'I've got nothing to wear!' I had very little confidence and if I'm honest, felt that somewhere among the nappies, washing and all the other bits of my daily life, I had lost all sense of myself.


My colour analysis session was a huge turning point for me. I was quite surprised by the colours that really suited me and even more surprised to see how they transformed the look of my skin, eyes and hair. I looked vibrant and radiant! A little over a year ago, I attended the developing style class too and now I have never looked better and getting dressed has never been easier! 

I still wear jeans and tee shirts and cardigans, you have to wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that are practical for your daily life. However, I now open my wardrobe and know that no matter which tee shirt, cardigan and pair of jeans I pull out, they will all look good as an outfit and make the most of me. When I wear my colours, friends will say I look amazing, that my skin looks great, some even think I have a full face of makeup on when I'm only wearing mascara and lipstick.


Since attending the colour analysis and style classes with Shirley, I can honestly say that I have discovered that there is so much more to me than I had thought. I have found my inner woman. She's pretty fierce and I love her!


Shirley Phillips is the stylist for Dundee, please visit Shirley's web page for more information.