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August 2015 News

I’ve just returned from our annual conference where it is always a joy to see so many people (mostly, but not exclusively women) in one place looking so amazing; confident; In Focus; happy, comfortable and enjoying how they and their colleagues look; A perfect illustration of what is possible through using House of Colour services – creating empowered, authentic and visible people.

Some of our consultants choose to expand their training to incorporate our House of Colour in Business material, enabling them to deliver bespoke or tailored workshops into the full range of business environments.  From Schools and charities, self-employed, sole traders through to SME’s and Blue chip organisations there is something relevant for everyone who has an area of their life where they want to be taken seriously.  I suspect this applies to most people out of full time education, many still in it and clearly brings homemakers and carers into the remit – don’t we all want to be taken seriously? In a blog last year, I touched on what was possible;  One of the tools to achieve this, is understanding our individual colour rating.

For clarity and to enable you to use your colour analysis effectively, at House of Colour we use the tried and tested system of splitting the colour wheel into four quarters or distinct families called seasons and we refer to them by name; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Each season represents a quarter of all the colours in the universe, so to further aid everyone, we identified 36 colours which represent the various points and extremes on the continuum of each season.


Evaluating these 36 colours against your unique skin tone and colouring, enables us to identify more precisely which are your best, most complementary and most flattering colours in the spectrum.   Some colours clearly work best as foundations, others as a big block, some next to your face and others provide amazing accents to punctuate and define your outfit.  This is your ‘colour rating’.


We know just how powerful this work is if you use it but having  Quality as one of our core values keeps us looking at how we can refine and enhance this offering for your benefit.  We discovered that what works best for us in our everyday lives doesn’t always serve us so powerfully in a business environment and vice versa.  Consequently, all Consultants attending our annual conference were introduced to the concept of Business Ratings as used in HOC in Business.


What a revelation for many!. Mary (HoC Huntingdon and sometimes contributor to this blog - above) wrote a great review of her experience and discoveries in her blog and provided some great images of how the colours were working.  After 13 years, an experienced consultant there's still more to learn! 

Generally, although not exclusively, this is about using your neutrals  – at the heart of our colour wheel - more powerfully.