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August 2020 News

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“I want my wardrobe to feel like an extension of me – not something I ‘put on’”. 

These were the words of a client during our online style session as we dug into the detail of what she wanted to achieve during our ‘virtual’ time together. 

We giggled as she recounted the story of an ex from many moons ago who kept reinventing himself - a mod one minute, and then Morrisey. “He clearly had no idea who he was on the inside”, she said, “he just kept putting on different costumes.”

I think we can all fall into this trap – and we’ve probably all done it – following the latest fashion fad because that’s what is presented to us and ending up feeling like we’re in someone else’s clothes.  

So when are we at our most authentic?  I would argue that it’s during early childhood – when (if we’re lucky) we’re free to express ourselves without being conscious of what should and shouldn’t be said, what we should and shouldn’t look like – before we’ve really started to pay attention to the images that society presents us with.

I look at my six year old niece with her baby pink sequin dress (definitely not her colour!)  that she’s paired with green tights, black ug-type boots, unicorn hoodie and her animal print glasses and I think, “YES! Yes, this is you expressing yourself without even realising you’re doing it – and you look fabulous”.   Incidentally, this outfit was just to go to the doctor’s. 

So why is it that so many of us lose our way, and find ourselves in adulthood having lost that sense of who we are and who we want to be?  There are myriad reasons – and for every one of us those reasons will be different – but how fabulous is it to find your way back?

Now, age six you wouldn’t have got me in any dress, never mind a pink sequined one.  I lived my childhood in tracksuits, jeans and t-shirts, and was generally to be found up a tree, sometimes with shoes, often not.  My hair was short, I liked lego, I loved my BMX, I did not like Barbie (unlike my niece). 

So is it coincidence that now, my best look, and when I feel most myself, is essentially the adult version of the six year old – short hair, jeans (I live in my skinnies) or trousers, t-shirt/shirt.  Or is it that, through the House of Colour style process, I’ve found my way back.  Just like my six year old self, I’m rarely in a dress, even more rarely a skirt – it’s just not me – it wasn’t then, and it isn’t now. 

Humans are not one-dimensional.  Perhaps this is why we do try to reinvent ourselves and our wardrobes – we need to express the different elements of our character.  To rediscover that authentic version of yourself, to uncover those elements of your character, and learn how to express that through your wardrobe, is as empowering as it is exciting. 

In the words of Coco Channel - "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”.


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