Fashion Update Spring/Summer 2016

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Flummoxed by fashion?

Our spring/summer Fashion Update will help
How often do you find yourself walking round the aisles, overwhelmed by the choices and wondering whether any of them are really you?
Fashion is everywhere, isn’t it.  It’s easy to feel bombarded and bemused by the looks and the language.   This season is no exception.  Pick your way through terms such as ‘Simplexity’, ‘Maximalism’ and ‘Glamping’.  Oh, and there’s also ‘Retro Kitsch’ and ‘New Romanticism’ to add into the mix.
So, once you’ve deciphered the catwalk code, how do you decide which trends work for you and are worth your hard-earned cash?  Which ones will make you feel great, so you get a boost of confidence every time you put them on?
Our Fashion Update and stylists will help you de-mystify the fashion market, in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Be inspired by these words

 “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose.” (Lauren Hutton)

You’re in control, not the catwalk or the high street shops - and we’re cheering you on.

Step 2.  Discover your clothing personality

Yes, your style does include fashion and being on trend. But what it really boils down to is your `clothing personality’ – clothes that appeal to, and reflect, your character.  If you’re not sure what your clothing personality is, take a minute to watch one of our short video stories. Discover why Vicki wanted to ‘kiss the consultant’ when she was given permission to be leave the tomboy behind and be ‘glamorous every day’. 
Or why Fiona felt she was ‘dressing in other people’s clothes’ and Alex longed to let out the dramatic side of her personality.   
Once you know what you’re really drawn to, whether it’s frills and sparkles or a more ethnic or sporty look, then you can start filtering the latest fashion looks – confident that you’ll pick the ones that really suit you.

Step 3.  Understand your shape

During a style class with us, you not only discover your clothing personality.  You’ll also understand how to home in on those trends that really flatter your shape.
At this point, people often start muttering about their wobbly bits.  We know, because we’ve got them too!  But by ‘shape’ we actually mean your body architecture, which stays constant throughout your life – through thick and thin.
Once you really understand your proportions, choosing clothes with the right scale of details - things like lapels, buttons and cuffs – will be easy.  And once again, you can choose fashionable items within the framework of your own shape and personality.  As Mary Quant put it, “The fashionable woman wears clothes, the clothes don’t wear her.” 

Step 4. Let’s set you on the right path 

If you’re fed up of buying ‘fashionable’ items which quickly date and gather dust in your wardrobe, why not get some expert advice.  Take that essential first step and book your style class today.

And contact your nearest stylist for your copy of our Spring/Summer Fashion Update. You’ll find a detailed rundown of the colours and styles that will form this year’s trends, including the best places to find key looks on the high street.
Have a flick through.  You’re bound to find a fresh new look that appeals to the real you.