Update your look for autumn/winter 2016-17

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September 2016 News

Fashion Update Autumn Winter 2016

Update your look for autumn/winter 2016

The 2016 autumn and winter collections are about to appear in the shops. This year, it’s a season of polar opposites so while some looks will be perfect for your clothing personality, others may not float your boat.

To make things easier for you, we have revised our Fashion Update service and  picked out 5 key looks. We have also linked them to the clothing personalities each would suit the best.

We have improved the key looks information to give you more ideas as to how to actually wear them. We've taken inspiration from the catwalk and broken it down into key items you can find in the shops this season enabling you to update your current wardrobe. Altogether it forms a simple guide to help you find the easiest way to stay on trend this season. Enjoy!

Just get in touch with your stylist to get your copy.

The purist

This structured, minimalist look is all about sculptured shapes, serene cuts and silhouettes. Tops have an element of drape, but with obvious waist definition - and while you’ll see chunky knitwear, it’s often paired with a pencil skirt. Coats and jackets are classically simple, single breasted and sometimes without a collar.

There’s one colour palette head to toe - subtly muted neutrals although you can add a splash of your season’s impact colour.  


Shake it up

Honouring the spirit of Ziggy Stardust, this look takes 80s glam and the Studio 54 disco vibe to create something that’s dramatic, bright, asymmetric and angular.

Like the global traveller, it mixes and matches colours and patterns but boldly takes it further. There’s also the classic 80s use of block colour.


Global traveller

The global traveller is an eclectic worldwide mix of the military, faux fur, traditional craftsmanship, art and collectable jewellery.  It’s opulent and colourful – a rich blend of the best styles, textures and luxurious patterns the globe has to offer. 

Layering is key. Let your imagination roam free with offbeat pairings to create one ensemble.



Young sailors

These are classic pieces with a cheeky nautical twist. Think Jean Paul Gaultier. You’ll find little jackets with sailor collars, toggles, Breton stripes and pinafores. Skirts and dresses are A line, while chunkier knits are worn with high-waisted trousers  for a neat outline and feminine silhouette. 



Historical romanticism

This is a party season look, heavily influenced by historical details and silhouettes. You’ll see lots of velvet, lace and sheer silks. There are ruffles on both blouses and skirts, lavish embroideries and embellishment, opulent fabrics plus a bit of faux fur.