Stride into Autumn feeling fabulous with our Fashion Update

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September 2017 News


Is that holiday glow fading away? Yes, we know the feeling.  You come back refreshed and people say how well you look.  Then you go back to the daily routine and all the benefits of that summer break seem to ebb away. Er, in 24 hours.

What you need is a post-holiday pick-me-up.  And here it is: our Fashion Update. 

It will guide you round all the new season’s clothes in the shops, helping you to pick the key pieces that work for you and your clothing personality.

Once you’ve found them, they’ll reinvigorate the outfits you have already – which means you wear them more, keep them for longer and do the planet a favour while you’re at it.  

But there’s a catch.  How will you find the pieces that will bring your wardrobe up to date and make you feel fabulous?  

Easy. We’ve done all the hard work for you scouring the high street to work out exactly the trends that will work for you and your clothing personality.

So what’s on trend?

This season there is a huge emphasis on the hi-lo trend, mixing casual staple pieces with more opulent fabrics. We are seeing more versatile pieces that can be worn both day and night to suit the lifestyle of busy women (let’s face it that’s most of us). There is also an emphasis on ‘price per wear’ so items can be worn for more than one occasion – great for your pocket and the environment.

Layering pieces is also key, so dresses are layered over knitwear with a more lightweight jacket or coat that you can wear on top as it gets colder and wetter.


What key looks are there?

We often hear about ‘key fashion looks’ in magazines so here is a rundown of our favourite, and more importantly, most wearable looks for this season:

Minimalist Maximalist - The more-is-more approach to dressing evolves as bold pops of colour, exaggerated sleeves and outsized details elevate classic, simple silhouettes into a contemporary look. 

New Heritage – Sartorial checks combine with modern ‘menswear’ inspired tailoring.

Hybrid Sports – Hybrid styling pairs soft volume tailored trousers with sporty basics and bomber jackets for a relaxed yet refined look.

Vintage Prairie – An eclectic feel, this trend combines floral dresses with shearling jackets, denim and cosy knitwear for a nod to 1970s vintage boho.

Rich Romance –Opulent pieces are mixed with more casual items. Look out for cinched-in velvet midi-dresses and intricate lace blouses for a feminine feel, while loose-fitting jackets and dresses come in opulent metallic finishes.


How your stylist can help

So it’s all very well knowing what the key looks and trends are going to be, but you can get that information from any fashion mag, so why come to us? Because your stylist can cater each look and trend to your own clothing personality. We can tell you the key pieces that will work for you, confident that they will see you through several seasons, because they aren’t just fashionable – they are you!

Contact your stylist for your tailored made fashion update. You’ll receive information on your key pieces and the on trend looks for your clothing personality so you never have to worry about dressing the real you.

Your stylist is also on hand to take you on a shopping trip for this season’s key trends and can do a wardrobe review to make room for your new purchases.

Enjoy this season’s trends.


Images used: Top left - House of Fraser, middle right - Jigsaw, bottom left - Monsoon.