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January 2019 News


Colour is Step 1 in our 3 step journey of colour, style and make up.

Do you remember when you first had your colours done? Do you remember how you felt?  Most people find it emotional in some way; from joy and excitement to a few tears when someone finally sees who they can be and all the possibilities that can bring. You may have had your colours done some time ago or even fairly recently, however long ago, it is important to make sure you are making the most of your colours. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the full benefit.

Make the most of your “wow” colours. Your “wow” or double star colours are the ones I rated as two stars at 100%. Make sure you have them in your life - they will not only make you look amazing but will bring outfits to life by adding impact in the best possible way. Have a look at your ratings page and make sure you have these colours in your wardrobe, even if it is just a scarf.

Only buy clothes in your season. Colour is the basis for a fabulous capsule wardrobe because all the colours from your season or colour palette go together as well as with you.  Adding in a “rogue” colour from another season can make your own colours look cheap as well as clash and you lose the lovely harmony you get when using one colour palette.

Don’t get into a colour rut. It’s easy to end up just wearing a few of the colours from your colour palette and forgetting about the rest. Your season is a representation of a quarter of the colours in the whole world. Using your swatch book, go through your wardrobe and have a look at what you have and which ones are missing from your life. Make a list and focus on finding them next time you are out shopping.

Mix it up and try something new.  If you find yourself wearing the same outfits day after day. Spend some time mixing it up a little. When your wardrobe is based on one colour palette it should be pretty easy to create some new outfits from what you already have.


What can you do next?
If you would like to make more of your colours, then these are some great things you can do next:

Attend a Colour Re-rate Session. In this session we have another look at all your colours and rate them with respect to how good they are on you and how much of that colour you can best wear. This is a great idea if you are not using all your colours and need a reminder or it has been 7 years or more since you had your colours done. Combine it with a make up review for the best result.

Attend an Advanced Colour Session. In this session we have a look at some flattering colour combinations and rate them in groups along with your best lipsticks to wear with them.

Book a wardrobe review and/or shopping trip. These are a great way to bring your wardrobe back to life and rediscover your colours with expert help.

If you have not already completed the next 2 steps in our 3 step journey then Step 2 Style and Step 3 Make Up will also help you perfect your look and make the most of your colours.

If you would like to take any of the above sessions, contact your local consultant.

Did you know that creating a capsule wardrobe can also be more eco-friendly?

There are so many reports in the media about the impact of fast fashion on our environment. Creating a capsule wardrobe means we can buy fewer items, of better quality, with a more eco-friendly and socially conscious supply chain. There are many other things we can do personally to reduce the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Read our latest blog to find out more.