Emma Willis' talks colour and her new collection with Next

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August 2019 News

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Emma Willis shares her thoughts on wearing colour and her new Next collection with House of Colour. 

This Summer is the season for bright colours, bold prints and patterns. Get ready to banish those dark browns and inky blacks to the depths of your wardrobe and bring out those colourful jumpsuits and satin midi skirts.

Warmer weather always signals a change in wardrobe. If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at TV presenter Emma Willis’ recently-launched summer clothing collection with fashion powerhouse Next – available in sizes 6-22 and comprised of summer-appropriate nightwear, beachwear and tailoring.

Within the collection, you’ll find pops of red, burnt yellows and neutral, earthy tones – colours which are bound to breathe life into your summer wardrobe.

But what’s it like designing your own clothing collection? And what does Emma think of the role of colour in fashion? The mum-of-three has lifted the lid on some of the challenges she faced, as well as her thoughts on wearing colour in general.

On designing her summer collection

Designing is fast becoming part of Emma’s DNA – her mind is always alert to ideas for colours, prints and textures. Sourcing concepts from wallpapers and soft furnishings (in addition to items she already loves) has been eye opening. Each design decision is also challenged with diversity in mind, prompting questions like ‘is every colour that we decide to use going to go with every other skin tone?’

In a recent interview, the presenter says she has no idea how people design on a full-time basis – admitting she would ‘combust’ if it weren’t for the ‘group effort.’

Another thing that was right at the forefront of her mind during the design process was sizing. Offering a range that is truly inclusive of different figures, sizes and skin tones remains key to Emma’s approach. She recognises herself highlighting these considerations more in every meeting – the importance of creating silhouettes and selecting colours not just for herself but for every woman:

“I’ve found myself more and more in every meeting that we have saying ‘yeah I love this, but is it going to fit every other body shape?’ Maybe I overthink that a little bit. I personally feel it’s better to overthink these things and make sure you get it right than to really not think about them.”

On wearing colour

The mum-of-three acknowledges that despite having two rather vibrant collections under her belt, wearing colour isn’t exactly second nature to her. In fact, she spent most of her adult life reluctant to dress colourfully, admitting in an interview that the introduction of brighter clothing into her wardrobe occurred only recently.

“I’ve only just ventured into colour over the last few years – I was always quite scared of it, I didn’t know what to do with it or how to wear it.”

And this is a problem many of us face; the desire to go bold and dare to be different when it comes to print and patterns but being too afraid to make the leap from subtle to showy for fear of judgment. Injecting colour into your wardrobe and everyday outfits requires confidence and courage.  

Nevertheless, Emma recognises that she has started incorporating more colour into her wardrobe as she has gotten older. An increase in confidence and lack of worrying about others’ perceptions is probably the cause:

“The older I get, the more I embrace colour, I don’t care so much anymore […] I don’t think colour dictates my mood; my mood might dictate colour.”

For the mum-of-three, the trick to feeling confident in what you’re wearing lies in feeling comfortable – independent of whether the clothing is bright and colourful or simple and subtle. She is all too aware of the pressures placed on women to be ‘individual’ and follow their own fashion path, but adds that comfort is key to feeling good:  

“I feel confident if what I’m wearing I’m comfortable in, so that could be a neutral colour or a bright colour, a print, it doesn’t matter what it looks like, it’s what it feels like. […] I want to feel like me rather than have a perception of me that is not real.”

In other words, don’t force it. If you’re keen to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe, start off small and research the types of colours that complement your skin tone. And remember, comfort and confidence very often go hand in hand. Whether you’re somebody who feels most confident dressed all in black or somebody whose go-to is oranges, lilacs and greens, choose colours and styles that you’re comfortable with and confidence will naturally appear. 

Discover the stunning Emma Willis Collection here and inject a splash of colour into your wardrobe this summer!