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November 2015 News

Emily with Autumn Colouring

‘It’s amazing how wrong you can get it without realising it!’  Emily’s story.

Emily Tippins is the Head of Strategy at the full service, creative marketing agency, Quarterback, (http://qtrback.co.uk/).   As part of her House of Colour journey, Emily and a Quarterback colleague had a consultation with House of Colour a few months ago.  

Well meaning advice - but wide of the mark.  Does Emily’s story ring any bells with you?  

The people you care for – your family and friends – often have a big influence on the way you see and wear colour.   That’s understandable.  You’re close to them.
Even when they have your best interests at heart, they don’t always pick the best colours for you.   Emily says it’s a bit of an ‘epiphany’ when you realise that.   It can come as a shock.  But if you’re like her, you’ll find that you can’t wait to get to the exciting rainbow of colour beyond!

‘I really did think that I knew what suited me…’ 

Emily had never thought about getting her colours done:  “I guess I thought that I knew it all.  It wasn’t something that I sought out. And it wasn’t something that I felt I needed.”
“So when we started going through what season I might be, I was quite shocked when Helen started saying ‘autumn’.  For me, those sorts of colours – browns and yellows – were ones I’d steered clear from.
“Part of all that was realising that my mum had been such a massive influence on me.  She hated yellow, she hated brown and she hated orange.  So she would never, ever put me in those colours.
“I was very close to my mum and I used to go shopping with her a lot.  She would say, ‘No, no, no, I don’t like that’.  The reason she didn’t like it was that she couldn’t get past the colour.
“I remember when I was about 18 or 19, I used to do a lot of vintage shops and I found this amazing suede jacket.  It was mustard yellow and had tassels and all sorts.  I thought I looked like the bee’s knees in it.  I absolutely loved it.  My mum practically banished me from wearing it. ‘You won’t go out wearing that. It’s yellow.  It looks awful.  It’s not your colour!’  But she didn’t realise she was putting her preferences on me.”

Emily’s revelatory moment.

Emily’s not alone.  You probably have favourite shopping buddies, who’re constantly picking items out for you and poking them through the curtain of the changing cubicle.  Consider those items for a moment.  Did you actually buy that skirt or jacket? Do you wear them much?  It is time for a re-think?
Of course, those items might look brilliant on you.  But often, what works for our buddies doesn’t work for us.   When Helen told Emily she was an ‘autumn’ and could experiment with different shades of brown, yellow and orange, Emily was taken aback.   It was breaking the rules made by an important shopping companion….

 “When Helen said ‘autumn’, I said, ‘Are you sure? Have you got this right? Really?’  But because I had a colleague in the room, who I was doing it with, she said, ‘No - the colours look amazing on you’.  She could really see what a difference it made. Having that affirmation from someone else helped me as well.”
“It really was revelatory. It sounds a bit hyperbolic, but I do feel it was a bit of an epiphany.  It was a moment in my life when I stopped and thought, ‘Wow! I haven’t got it right’.    That’s difficult to deal with but now I’ve taken stock of that and come to terms with it, I am excited about the future.
“It’s about going out and exploring.  My eyes have widened to this whole different colour palette that I didn’t think would work.”

Shock, taking stock and excitement. 

At the time of writing, only four weeks had gone by since the session - but Emily’s now building up her ‘autumn’ wardrobe and noticing a big difference already, day after day:   
“Every time I go to a client meeting or am with friends, they say, ‘Oooh! Have you been on holiday?’  But I haven’t.  It’s just that I have gone through the process.
“And it’s taken the worry out of what I’m going to wear in the morning because I know that the colours in my wardrobe now are going to make me look my best.  So even if I am not feeling my best, I know I can pop on this cardigan and it suits me.  It will bring out the best in me on that day.  That has a real impact, especially when you’re meeting new clients.”
“So even if you’re not feeling great on the inside, you know you’re looking OK on the outside.  Which is great!”

Would you like the chance to discover your wow colours? The ones which make you look like you’ve just been on holiday?   Call us today on 01923 211188 we’d love to share the secrets of the House of Colour palette with you.