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October 2016 News

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How to dress for the job you want

Whether we like it or not getting ahead in business is still about looking the part.  But is your current professional look really… well, you?  In a highly competitive world, how do you project authority and still express your individuality?

Start with the dress code

Each profession has its own dress code.  That beautifully cut formal suit is perfect for a high-stakes presentation at a finance company.  But it’s way out of step for a creative industry.

You want to fit in - but also stand out.  Why look identical to everyone else?  You’ll be invisible.  Once you know the dress code, you can start adding individuality.

Colour is key. Again, each industry will vary but it’s best to avoid too much bright colour. It can sabotage your authority. Yes, we know... House of Colour has spent 30 years helping people to wear colour. What on earth are we talking about?

Neutrals with a splash

Never underestimate the power of neutrals.  Your best dark neutral will project authority, then a splash of a Wow colour near the face will add memorability.

Just a quick word about black…  Are you a winter?  Great! You may look fabulous in black.  For everyone else, it emphasises dark circles and makes you look a bit tired.  Also, it’s everywhere.  You’ll create an instant impression by wearing a dark neutral that isn’t black.

Go for quality… and consistency

It’s not compulsory to spend a fortune. Quality is about cut, fabric, finish and fit. If it’s the right style and within your colour spectrum, a lower-budget item may not look cheap.

Consistency is important – it’s guaranteed to create professional trust. But looking approachable is equally crucial. To be honest, lots of people tell us it’s the most difficult thing to balance. If you want some expert help, just book yourself into a style class. You’ll be able to maintain that million dollar look – authoritative, approachable and comfortable in your own skin.

Casually powerful

Do the words `dress down Friday’ fill you with dread?  You’re not alone.  Casual dressing at work is an authority-destroying minefield.  And if you work in a creative industry, dress down Friday is every day.  How do you get it right?

It’s the neckline.  OK, bear with us… here’s the history bit.  A few hundred years ago a strict dress code, Sumptuary Law, dictated what each rank and class should wear.  Neckwear indicated status.  The higher classes wore ruffs and elaborate collars, the lower classes had bare necks.

Today, we still unconsciously associate a high neckline with authority.  Wearing a shirt and tie, covering the neck communicates power and authority.  You can do the same thing with high-necked tops, scarves and jewellery.

Dress upwards, move onwards

Dress upwards - as though you’ve already achieved that promotion - and you’ll land it.  But if you’re thinking about a career change, a style class can reveal more than you think.  We’ve helped people find the self-knowledge to identify a great new career choice, and given them the confidence to get there.

Have you ever thought about becoming a personal stylist?  We’re always on the lookout for talent like yours.  Get in touch to find out more.