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February 2018 News

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Give your wardrobe the wow factor for 2018

Take a deep breath. The festive chaos is subsiding. You’ve earned a quiet moment to yourself. 

We want you to imagine what it would be like to get a thrill of excitement every time you open your wardrobe.   To know that everything in it works and you can mix and match as much as you want. As for mistakes  – the clothes you bought on a whim but can’t wear because, they’re just not you – well, there aren’t any.

If you’ve had your Colour class, you’re half way to getting your dream wardrobe.  You’ll already know which colours make you feel fabulous.  Your Style class will complete the picture. Your clothes will not only be in the right palette, they’ll also be the perfect shape and length, with fabrics and designs that match your personality.

Here’s a taste of how we’ll create your ideal wardrobe for 2018. 


Perfectly proportioned

As we go through life, our dress size might change but our body’s fundamental architecture – its skeletal frame – never does.  During your Style Class you’ll get a deep understanding of your body’s proportions and architecture.  Now comes the exciting bit. The bit our clients tell us they love, because it transforms how they see themselves. 

Using different elements of your clothing and accessories, you’ll learn where to draw the eye, so you create an illusion of perfect balance.  It might involve changing the lengths of your skirts and tops or choosing different textures and patterns. It might be experimenting with the depth of your necklines or the size of your earrings or bracelets.

Picture right - During your Style class we will look at which are the best skirt lengths for you e.g. shorter, above the knew or on the knee. Which lengths do you think Jenny can do?

They’re the little things you couldn’t put your finger on before, but you can now.  And it’s brilliant. We can see it in your smile, when you realise what a difference it makes.


Celebrating the real you

Style is not just about your proportions. It’s also about your personality.  The  real you – the one that sometimes gets buried away when you are busy being a ‘mum’ or  ‘grandma’ or ‘career woman’.

Our Style Class includes a fascinating quiz, where you (re)discover the real you.  The one who likes a touch of drama, elegance or quirkiness…or something completely different.  And through your accessories and style, we help you to interpret who it is you want to be. Perhaps it’s the ‘you’ you always wanted to be but never dared.  We love it when that happens.  So will you.   

Picture left - Maria after discovering she is a Dramatic Gamine.


Matching your lifestyle

You’re also unique because of your lifestyle.  No two women will have the same wardrobes because they lead their lives in different ways.  And we go into that in depth.  You’ll soon see how you can take your sense of style everywhere you go – whether you’re in a muddy playground or a hushed office.